Another full day of watching practice. It didn't matter to me that it was 36 and windy, and my hands eventually became too numb to take notes....I was like a kid in the proverbial candy store. Actually, it was like a kid chain-chugging Pixie sticks, it was that good.


-- Injury report: Sitting out were J.B. Shugarts, Kurt Coleman, Keith Wells, Ross Homan, Nathan Williams, Zach Boren, Connor Smith, and Lawrence Wilson was held out of contact.

Safety Jamie Wood was back in action after sitting out Sunday's practice. He popped RB K.C. Christian pretty solidly on one play.

Defensive coordinator Jim Heacock said none of the key defensive guys are seriously hurt, and he expects Williams back on Monday.

New injury: DL Rob Rose went down during one-on-one drills with a left knee injury and was carted off, but teammate Doug Worthington later said he thought it was not serious, just a twist.


OL (left to right): Adams-Boren-Brewster-Browning-Cordle QB: Pryor RB: Herron (when they used a fullback, it was James Georgiades) WR: Posey-Small-Sanzenbacher TE: Ballard


DE: Gibson-Heyward DT: Larimore-Worthington LB: Spitler-Rolle (Sabino rotated a lot, too, once again, most of the practice was spent in nickel) DBs: Chekwa-Torrence-Johnson-Hines-Russell

-- Changes from Sunday lineups:

Adams at LT instead of Andrew Miller. This is a spot I believe that may be a concern for OSU. Adams needs to seize it; nothing against Miller, but if he's the opening-day starter, I don't think that's ideal.

Georgiades in for Adam Homan. No biggie.

Torrence playing ahead of Andre Amos on first team. Interesting.

-- Pryor was less than stellar. Several of his passes wobbled or were thrown low, and once, he missed an easy flip to Brandon Saine in the flat, throwing it over Saine's leaping arms. Of course, it was cold and windy, so call it one bad day and move on.

-- The offense spent some time working in the red-zone, and the results were poor. This was an area Jim Tressel said he wanted to emphasize, hoping for more TDs instead of field goals. Based on today's practice, they have a long way to go.

On third-and-7 from the 8, the play clock expired before Pryor could get the snap. The coaches allowed the play to continue, whereupon Doug Worthington came roaring in for a "sack" (Pryor was just touched up, he's off limits right now for contact). Yeesh. Aaron Pettrey nailed the 31-yard field goal, at least.

The next possession was first-and-10 from the 11 again, with the second-team units in. Joe Bauserman completed a 5-yarder to Grant Schwartz, then threw a pass right to defensive back Travis Howard, who dropped the sure INT. On third down, Todd Denlinger was in on Bauserman so fast and furiously that Bauserman's unborn kids would have felt the hit, had Denlinger been allowed to deliver the blow. Again, the field goal was good, this time from 32 yards by Ben Buchanan.

-- The forecast is for 57 and partly sunny Thursday, when we once again are scheduled to watch a full practice....I've died and gone to reporter heaven, where there's a never-ending buffet.