Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

14:02:21 Tim May: I am here. Great day. Let's play.

14:02:27 booya: Why didn't Guiton get any snaps when the game was in hand vs. Nebraska?

14:04:10 Tim May: He got snaps when the game wasn't in hand. He led the last couple of plays after Braxton Miller limped off following the 72-yard run which ignited the offense. It will be interesting to see if we see more of Guiton on Saturday night at Indiana. I intend to ask Urban Meyer if that will be the case during our brief interview opp this afternoon following practice.

14:04:22 ncflash: Just curious - did anyone ask Urban about taking a knee towards the end of the game versus running standard plays?

14:05:34 Tim May: No. Besides, they just ran running plays, nothing fancy. Do you really think Nebraska would have felt better losing 56-38 instead of 63-38? Really?

14:05:44 IU-PU: If Braxton keeps this up, do you think he'll at least get an invite to the Heisman presentaation?

14:07:32 Tim May: Yes. He is in the conversation AFTER Geno Smith right now. And remember Smith and Kansas State's Collin Klein meet in what you could call a Heisman showdown game in a couple of weeks. That should be a high-scoring, great game to watch. But Miller has risen from obscurity to No.3 or so in most areas I have checked.

14:07:40 scotvh@adelphia.net: Is it really worthwhile worrying about the Heisman? Since we're not going to be going anywhere post season, perhaps we should focus on what Braxton can do NEXT year!

14:10:32 Tim May: Who's worrying about it? Are you worrying about it? I'm not. But I am asking about it, because it's always intriguing to see a young man start to gain recogntion, which usually brings more attention to his team, and then vice versa. Besides, by noble decree of the NCAA, Ohio State is forbidden from playing for anything meaningful on the field this season other than the Leaders Division title of the Big Ten. Having a player who is a legit Heisman candidate adds some spice to the season, just like OSU's climb in the Associated Press poll to No.8. College football, at its core, is all about bragging rights.

14:10:40 Joey: How badly will E. Sabino's absence hurt the defense?

14:13:48 Tim May: Losing a second-year starter, senior and co-captain is a blow, no matter whether he's a Butkus Award candidate. He was having a pretty good season, but more than that, is considered a leader on and off the field for the defense. As Urban Meyer indicated, though, now is the time for some of those highly touted but seemingly somewhat timid freshmen to step forward. I expect to see Josh Perry play a good deal, and perhaps David Perkins, Conner Crowell, Jamal Marcus and Camren Williams as the coaches try to build the experience quotient behind starters Ryan Shazier and Storm Klein.

14:13:53 tressel who?: I've heard that Sabino's injury is worse thaan what was divulged by OSU and he mght be out for the season? Heard anything like that?

14:16:07 Tim May: Haven't heard that at all. Heard he had a crack in the bone. A plate was affixed during surgery on Sunday to keep the bone intact while it heals. It's a crack in the non-weight bearing bone in the lower leg. What's good for him and the team is there's five weekends between his break and the Wisconsin game, including a bye week.

14:16:11 pam: Has there been any response from Nebraska about their players being on the field during Scipt Ohio?

14:17:56 Tim May: No. Those guys didn't realize they were messing with tradition. That is, until the boos of scorn rained down on them from the largest -- and one of the more juiced -- crowds in Ohio Stadium history.

14:18:06 mehtash: The WR position continues to concern me. Devin Smith can make the big plays for sure, but still not sold his ability to make the more standard catches. Corey Brown is solid. They are working on Stoneburner. But what about guys like Evan Spencer and Chris Fields? Have they not progressed well to this point?

14:21:39 Tim May: Hard to tell, based on game evidence. All have caught passes. Spencer is one of the more heads-up down-field blockers on the team, despite that "late hit" call against him last week after Braxton Miller ran out of bounds. OSU intended to throw it more last week, but attempted just 14 passes after things didn't work out in the first quarter. A play that might have gotten things going a little faster overall and in the passing game in particular, was that third down flip to Brown on a drag route over the middle. It went through his hands. Then when things started clicking in the run game in the second quarter, well, why throw? Th 371 yards rushing, most since the 409 against Illinois in 1995, speak for themselves.

14:21:50 Where's my paper?: Not this year obviously, but could Fickell's job be in jeopady in the offseason based on the defense's performance?

14:24:03 Tim May: We won't know that answer until season's end. What we do know is Urban Meyer wants all facets of the game to be superior in the long run. The defense is a led by a juggled and new staff, and has dealt with several key injuries the first half of the season. It should be judged by the way things go overall. But Meyer said recently he has no qulams with the plan so far of the defense.

14:24:08 chatter: The OSU coaches and players should be applauded for the past two weeks, after looking pedestrian early in the season. Can they pick it up even more from here?

14:26:53 Tim May: Barring any more injuries, you have to figure the offense will get more efficient and consistent, since it is just six games into this new spread uptempo format. As I just answered, the defense likely should improve. Like any team at this point in a season, though, the Buckeyes have lot of banged up guys. But if the offense truly takes off -- and remember, it scored 7 touchdowns in just three quarters last week, with special teams adding one and the defense adding one -- then you have to figure the best is yet to come.

14:27:02 Hopalong: Do you think Braxton Miller will run more than 15 times against Indiana? He's great, but I worry about the beating he takes on the run.

14:30:14 Tim May: I'm not gonna fake it here. I have no idea how many times he will run. I think 12 is basically a target, but like last week, when the offense needs him, there is no pitch count. He is the best, most dangerous player on the team. As Meyer has said, the No.1 objective each week is to win the game. It's not practice. And Miller seems to do better in terms of not taking big shots when he is taking off on a designed or option run. The scrambles are where he sometimes leaves himself open. But he has gotten up, though sometimes slowly, every time so far.

14:30:21 PowerSpread: Hi Tim, Drew here - former BkXtra blogger with Heath! I was curious if you noticed any anti-Meyer, pro-Tressel mumblings throughout the beginning of the year while our offense struggled some? Or has the feeling been 100% excitement behind Meyer and the type of attitude and schemes he brings to the field?

14:35:18 Tim May: Just like on this chat, Drew, there are those who seek out things about which to worry or criticize. I was just talking a group called PROBUS during the lunch hour in Upper Arlington, and I told those folks if people were paying attention, they would have known big offense was headed OSU's way with the hiring of Meyer. I mean, DUH!! Braxton Miller already has matched pretty much his offensive output from all of last year. Philly Brown has 35 catches, or 21 more than he had all of last year when he was the team tri-leader in that pathetic category. Carlos Hyde just rushed for 140 yards on 28 carries to four touchdowns, all career highs, in the win over Nebraska. And that was on a night when Miller rushed for 186. I mean, seriously, what do folks want? Oh, yeah, and OSU is the only undefeated Big Ten team and No.8 in the latest AP poll.

14:35:28 Buckeye in VA: Indiana played well against Michigan St. How do you see them trying to exploit the OSU defense?

14:37:28 Tim May: The same ways California and Central Florida and Miami U and Ala-Birmingham tried to do, getting the ball out wide on quick screens and the like, trying to take John Simon, Johnathan Hanks, et all out of the equation. We will see if the OSU defenders have improved on tackling in space. But in that situation, it only takes one man missing a tackle to reflect poorly on the group.

14:37:33 jazz hands: do you think the big ten ranks even among the top 3 football conferences this year?

14:39:36 Tim May: I'm assuming you think the top three are the SEC, Pac-12 and Big 12. No, I don't think the upper echelon of the Big Ten matches up well with the upper echelon of those leagues. But I think the bottom half could play with the bottom halves of those leagues.

14:39:50 ncflash: We will be heavily favored to win the next 4 games - taking us to 10-0 before the 2 "tough" games to finish the season...am I crazy or does it feel like a sucker's parley bet to say we are going to win the next 4...

14:41:47 Tim May: If you're crazy, then save room in the padded cell for me, too. I think that is huge possibility. In fact, in preaseason I picked OSU to go 7-1 in the B1G, and I thought that "1" was going to come at Michigan State. Now that "1" is done. So I guess what I'm trying to say is I see the Buckeyes running the table.

14:41:55 Jhunter01: is it possible for the Buckeyes to reach #2 or #1 even in the AP when all the Bowl games are done? I realize a lot must happen, including the top 2 BCS teams having 1 loss a piece.

14:41:55 bloomington: It seems to me that refs are calling more personal fouls this year. Am I crazy, or are they trying to keep more control?

14:45:33 Tim May: Southern California did it a few years back, but of course the Trojans played in a non-championship BCS bowl that season. Often the media voters in the AP poll have a penchant for making a statement contrary to the powers that be. If OSU finishes strong, and by that I mean continuing to put up big numbers and playing a little better defense, the media will be buzzed by what they think could be coming around the corner in 2013. In other word, I don't think they will forget about OSU just because it's not in a bowl. But if, say, unbeaten Alabama plays unbeaten Oregon in the national title game, third might be the best for which the BUckeyes can hope.

14:46:29 Rob_(moderator): Tim, I accidentally posted two questions. Can you answer the one above about personal fouls?

14:49:31 Tim May: I am not sure what the agenda was for the officials last week. I thought the roughing the passer call against Bradley Roby, for example, was completely bogus. And when the Neb receiver committed two facemask violations himself before the Buckeyes were called for one at the end of that play, well, I thought that summed up the night for the stripers. They even got the OSU player's ID wrong -- poor Christian Bryant was ticketed twice that night for facemask violations he did not commit. Interesting.

14:49:35 scotvh@adelphia.net: Humbly, I insist that we shouldn't be ranked, since we can't play post season. Where is the sense in putting a team that is barred from post season play in the rankings at all. It is gratifying to me as a fan, but doesn't seem to be fair to teams that could take that spot and run with it, so to speak.

14:52:06 Tim May: It's called a poll. And the poll is a vote among media members about which teams they think are among the elite in college football, starting from No.1 through No.25. OSU is being allowed to play games. Why shouldn't it be included in a poll?

14:52:23 Rob_(moderator): This question was submitted via email: Please compare Braxton at this point in his career to Terrelle Pryor as a sophomore.

14:54:34 Tim May: More advanced in actually running the offense. But then, he has a more logical system to direct. He is more proficient as a passer at the point, and the coaches think he is getting better by the week, that 7 of 14 performance last week notwithstanding. He is a better runner than TP, but when Pryor really put his head down, like in the Rose Bowl win over Oregon, he was pretty dang good

14:54:45 Hopalong: Rod Smith looked great on his TD run. What's your guess: Will he get more carries this week?

14:56:30 Tim May: He should. That was the most impressive single play of the night, in my opinion. You coud tell simply by his body lean he was not to be denied. It's the way you've been waiting to see him run since he got to OSU. And Saturday night he will be playing in front of his home-state school. Just based on merit and geography, he should get more carries.

14:56:36 Jhunter01: Hi Tim, I can really see Ryan Shazier ending his career as one of the toughest LBs in Buckeye History. When it comes to his potential....what do you see? -Jeremiah

14:58:54 Tim May: I see something similar. He yearns to be in the mix on every play. He must get better at fending off blockers and a lot of the other technical things that separate the good from the great, but his patience and timing appear to be improving week to week. And his toughness -- he played most of the game last week with bruised knee, and he made some pretty big tackles despite it. That says a great deal about his potential.

14:59:02 Rob_(moderator): Thanks, everyone. We'll do it again next week with Bill Rabinowitz. That's a wrap.

14:59:34 Tim May: I enjoyed it as usual. Thanks for finding us on this unusual day.