Despite a tougher-than-expected victory over Oklahoma State, Florida State remains a favorite among The Dispatch's college football team to secure a spot in the inaugural playoff.

Despite a tougher-than-expected victory over Oklahoma State, Florida State remains a favorite among The Dispatch's college football team to secure a spot in the inaugural playoff.

Some on our panel like Michigan State. Others like Oregon. This weekend's Big Ten vs. Pac-12 showdown likely will erase that divide.

How our writers see it:

Todd Jones, Dispatch college football writer

The top four

1. Florida State. Jameis Winston once again made big plays when they were needed against surprisingly tough Oklahoma State.

2. Alabama. New Tide QB Blake Sims showed promise in his first career start as a fifth-year senior against West Virginia.

3. Oklahoma. Sooners are still scraping Louisiana Tech off the bottom of their cleats. No worries.

4. Oregon. The Ducks' hyper offense now meets the brawny power of Big Ten champion Michigan State.

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Georgia. Todd Gurley made an early Heisman statement in 24-point victory over the Clemson (remember them?) Tigers.

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Wisconsin. The Badgers blew a 17-point lead in the second half in loss to LSU. Bye-bye, Badgers.

Tim May, Dispatch OSU football beat writer

The top four

1. Florida State. Trying to repeat is tough, just ask Alabama, because everyone is gunning for you. Seminoles and Jameis Winston went to Oklahoma State and figured out a way to survive the ambush by the Cowboys.

2. Alabama. Crimson Tide took wide-open and wonderful West Virginia's best shot. The defense has played better. But the big news was the 'Bama offense was up to the task of a scoring duel, and with new quarterback Blake Sims.

3. Texas A&M. There was no more impressive of a win on opening week than the Aggies' destruction of South Carolina. Kenny Hill set the school record for passing yards and jumped into the Heisman race, but that's for another day.

4. Oklahoma. The Sooners picked up where they left off in the Sugar Bowl win over Alabama, jumping to a 31-0 lead over Louisiana Tech on way to a 48-14 victory. So much for the offseason upheaval.

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Michigan State and Oregon. The winner of their Saturday game likely will jump into my top four next week. But I couldn't put either up there yet based on last week, since neither played an FBS opponent.

Georgia. The Bulldogs' destruction of Clemson was impressive. Todd Gurley jumped feet first into the Heisman race. But I'm not putting three SEC teams in my top four. At least not yet.

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UCLA. I had the Bruins in the top four last week until they had to escape 28-20 from Virginia. They did travel cross country for the opener, but if the defense hadn't delivered three touchdowns they would have flown back totally out of the picture.

Rob Oller, Dispatch sports columnist

The top four

1. Florida State. The Seminoles did not exactly run Oklahoma State off the field, but defending champs deserve the benefit of the doubt.

2. Michigan State. By beating Oregon in the Land of Nike, the Spartans would swoosh their way into becoming a top-two playoff committee pick.

3. Oklahoma. Sooners' road becomes more Rocky Topped and Mountaineerous with upcoming opponents Tennessee and West Virginia looking better than expected. But keeping them in for now.

4. Stanford. Faces an incredibly difficult schedule – Oregon and UCLA on the road – which means the committee will love the Cardinal even more when it runs the table.

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Texas A&M. Considering the Aggies just clocked South Carolina, which I had in the Final Four, well, you do the math.

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Alabama. Points off simply for Nick Saban experimenting with the spread offense.

Bill Rabinowitz, Dispatch OSU football beat writer

The top four

1. Florida State. Seminoles had a tougher-than-expected time with Oklahoma State, but it's not enough to dethrone them yet.

2. Alabama. The Crimson Tide also looked shaky in its opener against West Virginia. Can Saban get team rolling again soon?

3. Oklahoma. Louisiana Tech put up little resistance. Tulsa won't, either.

4. Oregon. Gee, who do the Ducks play this week? Huge game for Michigan State and Big Ten.

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Texas A&M. There is life after Johnny Football for Kevin Sumlin's team, as South Carolina found out.

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UCLA. Bruins escaped an upset bid by Virginia thanks to a defense that scored three touchdowns. That's not a recipe for consistent success.

Ray Stein, Dispatch sports editor

The top four

1. Oregon. Beating Michigan State would be huge – mainly because it would show that the Ducks have the constitution to deal with a traditionally physical team. They didn't last year.

2. Florida State. The Seminoles looked explosive at times against Oklahoma State. And implosive at other times. And bored, frankly, at times. Does this team have the head to repeat?

3. Alabama. The Crimson Tide's schedule allows for a couple weeks of breathing space, long enough to give Nick Saban time to browbeat his defense into championship-caliber shape.

4. Oklahoma. No team kicks the garbage to the curb like the Sooners, who likely are weeks away from their first legitimate test.

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Georgia. The Gurley men showed some muscle in an opening win over Clemson and now have a week off before a date with South Carolina that may decide the SEC East race.

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Wisconsin. If the Badgers hold a 17-point, second-half lead against LSU, a run-the-table possibility is real. But they don't, the table is turned over and Wiscy is left with scraps.