Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

12:59:47 Rob_(moderator): Hi, Tim. Ready for another season? Not that it matters, because I think they're going to start either way.

13:02:19 Tim May: I am fired up, ready to taxi to the launch end of the catapult for takeoff. I'm also eager to get a copy of our columnist Bob Hunter's new book "Saint Woody: a history on the fanaticism of Ohio State football." He is going to be at Barnes and Noble at Lennox on Friday night at 7 for a meet and greet. With that, fire away. The Urban Meyer era is upon us.

13:02:59 Rob_(moderator): And I thought this was a commercial-free chat. Here we go ...

13:03:02 Pay to read: Do you expect Guiton to get much time Saturday?

13:04:45 Tim May: Yes, I expect to see Kenny Guiton play some at quarterback on Saturday, especially in the second half if the game goes as I expect. How much remains to be seen, but Meyer is big on having two quarterbacks capable of running the show.

13:04:54 circleville fan: It sounds like Nathan Williams is making good progress. Will we see him on the field SAturday?

13:06:20 Tim May: Indications are we will see Nathan Williams, if only for him to get his feet -- and surgically repaired knee - wet. He is eager to return, but the coaches and med folks likely want to err on the side of caution, because he will be much stronger a month from now than he is today.

13:06:29 hstaup: I live in Ne and dont get a lot of Bucks stuff. How are we with QB depth. Spring game looked good, but I wonder. Miller has an injury history.

13:09:00 Tim May: Dude, we're all wondering. Meyer has said good things about Kenny Guiton,both in his play and his approach to things off the field in the past eight months. And Guiton is champing at the bit to see some meaningful playing time to prove himself. BTW, when you typed Ne, I figured you mean Nebraska, right? Not New England. But either way, you're a long way off.

13:09:10 RedLeg: I'm excited to see the new offense. With the strength and conditioning coach getting linement to drop weight and Fraegel moving because he's too big for tight end I will be glued to the tube waiting for the magic to happen. What are your thoughts about the Meyer spread and how it will affect other B1G teams?

13:12:30 Tim May: We don't have enough room here for me to tell you all things I think about the Meyer-Herman-Warinner spread. Is it going to click from Jump Street? We'll find out Saturday. But what stands out to me is it is going to be based off a power running game, with Braxton Miller running some option, with men in motion or shifting before almost every snap, and featuring receivers catching the ball more often than not on the run, and with the aim of running play after play at an uptempo pace. It sure does appear that something wicked this way comes.

13:12:40 ncflash: What's one thing you guys are looking for in the game based on what you've seen/heard during spring/fall practice?

13:14:07 Tim May: Will the defensive front seven, especially the front four, jump into gaps and attack as advertised against the Miami spread passing attack. And will the offense rock and roll as advertised.

13:14:22 geddylee: Hey Tim... your podcasts are great on my morning runs, so thanks for those! Thinking of B1O defenses, which are best suited to stop what Urban is going to run? Do you have a feel for which defense(s) will be the toughest test/best measuring stick for this Buckeye offense? Other than the obv, MSU?

13:18:49 Tim May: Man, you stole my answer. I picked Michigan State because Mark Dantonios pushes a disciplined, hard-hitting, gap-sound, affect the quarterback approach that bothers most offenses. The key for any defense in handling a spread such as OSU's is that discipline part of each player taking care of his responsibility and then being able to tackle all by himself. MSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin and now possibly even Michigan again have such personnel. But the beauty of the spread as Meyer and Co. will employ it eventually exposes a weak link or two in a defense, then they try to exploit it.

13:18:56 withholding judgment: Teams typically build on success from previous seasons. Given OSU's terrible passing offense last year and an average running game, aren't you and others going overboard in expecting the Buckeyes offense to roll over defenses this season?

13:21:33 Tim May: Dear WJ, if they were driving the same car, I would say yes. But this is a very new hot rod with all the bells and whistles fans have come to expect on a moden vehicle, except cruise control. How successful they will be remains to be seen, as I said earlier and you obviously missed. But Meyer believes in putting his foot on the gas and keeping it there for 60 minutes. That is a MAJOR change.

13:22:04 osuurban2012: Everyone knows Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, Hankins, Simon - the big names. Name players on offense & defense who are lesser known that we will all know by the end of the season due to great play.

13:25:03 Tim May: Philly Brown, Devin Smith, Jake Stoneburner, Jack Mewhort -- wait, you know those last two already -- Bri'onte Dunn, Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington, Bradley Roby, David Perkins, Camren Williams, Curtis Grant, Ryan Shazier. Heck, man, we've already written features on most of these fellows. And don't forget Christian Bryant.

13:25:17 geddylee: Timbo... it's really a 4 game season, right? Outside of MSU, Neb, Wiscy and UM it's creampuff city, right? I know there's always a chance, blah, blah, blah. But none of these other teams is a legit top 15 team at the end of this season, right?

13:26:17 Tim May: Not in my book (which hits bookstores in about 12 years).

13:26:55 maramonte: Where do we stand with the Dish contract?

13:30:57 Tim May: Things are always brightest before they fade to black. I'd say you need to be emailing Dish and the B1G Network. I'm sure the posturing is still the same, though, because the final hour, the one in which each tries to proclaim itself the hero for the common man (paying bouceau dollars for satellite service in the first place), is not yet upon you. As for me? I've got DirectTV. And besides, I'll be at the stadium, which now features one of the more advanced and huge digital screens and an even more state of the art sound system. I'm sitting pretty, both for the DVR and the live experience.

13:31:11 geddylee: With this being Urban's first Michigan game added to the fact that they can't go to a Bowl, the importance of Nov 24th is hard to overstate. What's the Urbanator's approach to that game? Will they work on stuff specifically for that game throughout this year? How much work do they need, really, for UAB and IU?

13:35:51 Tim May: You mean, are they going to work on secret plays in three weeks that they plan to spring on Michigan almost two months later? I guess it's possible. But are they going to practice tackling, something they didn't do very well at all at Michigan in that loss last year? Probably every day they put on the pads. Meyer has not pulled me aside and said "we are installing a jet sweep like no other jet sweep ever seen, and we are keeping it in the hanger until those mangy Wolverines come to town." What you will see is a continual evolution of the new OSU spread offense through the season, and that goes for preps for the first battle between Meyer and Hoke -- the 100-yard war rejoined. This could quite a decade in the history of The Game.

13:36:01 BuckeyeJester: hello Tim was watching BTN last night and they was discussing individual awards. I didnt realize players from a sanctioned team was eligible for those , are they and does that send the right message or would excluding those players in your opinion be unfair to the individual athlete ?

13:38:43 Tim May: Excluding them from such post-season accolades would be very unfair to the individual athletes. I mean, the guys who are going to see action for OSU and Penn State have been cleared to play. It's just that now their schools are paying for transgressions that in the NCAA's way of thinking they should have nipped in the bud years ago. But yeah, a player from OSU or Penn State or Central Florida etc. conceivably could win the Heisman Trophy.

13:38:54 Pay to read: Has Meyer given any indication that, like Tressel, he thinks it's important for Ohio State to play smaller, weaker, in-state schools each season?

13:41:22 Tim May: Tressel never ever made such a statement. I don't expect Meyer to make such a statement either. What I do expect to see continue is Ohio State sharing the wealth, so to speak, with at least one in-state or MAC school through the years while playing at least one possible marquee opponent each season. For instance, when California was scheduled, it was playing pretty well, and it is expected to bounce back some this year.

13:41:45 withholding judgment: Miami is a MAC team coming off a poor season, but their coach, Don Treadwell, has a pretty good pedigree, including very successful years as Michigan State's offensive coordinator. What do you think he will try to throw at OSU they might not expect to see?

13:44:46 Tim May: BTW, when I said Tressel never made that statement, I was referring to the "smaller, weaker" part. As for Miami and what surprising might be coming on Saturday, the first smart aleck thing I could think of was some semblance of a running attack. Miami was LAST in major college football last year in rushing. Other than that, their quarterback Zac Dysert is a smooth operator at running the spread passing attack. As I meantioned earlier, I am interested to see if OSU can get consistent pressure on him, since part of the Miami plan is to get rid of the pass quick.

13:45:02 BatonRougeBuckeye: Tim I beleive there were 11 freshman listed on the 2 deep. Most I can ever remember. Is this a testament to how well Urban recruits and motivates players or a result of underperformers from past classes?

13:48:14 Tim May: Of course it's a combo, but more the former. Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington, David Perkins, Camren Williams, Bri'onte Dunn etc. were blue-chip recruits, and apparently for good reason. And Taylor Decker, overlooked by the previous OSU staff in the recruiting game, has proven to be quite capable of playing tackle on the offensive line as a freshman. As Meyer said, they don't recruit anyone to Ohio State with the idea of red-shirting them. Apparently he wasn't kidding.

13:48:24 Ed: Who is OSU's thrid-string quarterback and how do his abilities compare to Braxton and Kenny?

13:51:01 Tim May: It appears to be freshman Cardale Jones, though there has been no proclamation as such. He was a running-throwing playmaker for state runnerup Cleveland Glenville a couple of years ago and has the tools. Another fellow to keep in mind is walkon Levi Ratliff, who a lot of the players think has potential.

13:51:08 hstaup: To follow up on geddylee. Cooper never really GOT the ichigan issue. Tress did, in spades. I expect Urban does too. Do you know if we have ichigan time in each practice. I bet Hoke does. We cant let them have any edge. Just curious.

13:54:26 Tim May: One of the expressed reasons why Urban Meyer took the job was the anticipation of coaching against Michigan. He's a native son and he gets it, believe me. And don't forget, he was a graduate assistant here in 1986 and '87, so the last previous game he helped prepare OSU for was the stunning upset of Michigan in '87, just days after his mentor Earle Bruce had been fired.

13:54:36 ncflash: in your opinion which game will be more difficult - at MSU or at WI

13:57:03 Tim May: Both. MSU will have four weeks to try to figure out what the new OSU offense is all about. And while MSU is reloading at quarterback and at some key positions on defense, it is a very sound defense usually. As for Wisconsin, it's favored by most to win the Big Ten. And the game is going to be in Camp Randall. I mean, you know?

13:57:10 Rob_(moderator): Thanks, everyone. Tim, you're in midseason form. Next week's chat will be with Bill Rabinowitz. That's a wrap.

13:58:04 Tim May: I enjoyed it everyone. College football season, the greatest time of the year, is at the gate.