Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

12:58:59 Rob_(moderator): Hi, Tim. Thanks for joining us. We'll start in a couple minutes.

13:01:34 Tim May: Looks like it's going to be another great day for college football on Saturday in Ohio Stadium. But how much is Jordan Hall going to play, now that he's cleared? Etc? Et al? Let's jump into this thing.

13:01:24 Doormattedforlife.com: I presume you've been in the stadium the past two Saturdays. Do you agree with Urban's critique that the 'Shoe hasn't been rocking enough?

13:03:34 Tim May: I do agree with Meyer's assessment of the not-so-squeaky Shoe. But he put that onus on his team, not the fans, that big, exciting plays are what really get a joint jumping. Just like at a honky-tonk down south. It's nothing without a live band bending some strings.

13:03:51 Where's my paper?: ANy update on Carlos hyde?

13:05:36 Tim May: He has a knee sprain, an MCL situation. They expect hm to be able to return but not this week. That puts freshman Bri'onte Dunn in the breech, with Rod Smith right behind, but also with the possibility of Jordan Hall -- back from his cut foot -- stepping to the front of the line, depending on how the next two days go.

13:05:47 withholding judgment: Why can't the OSU defense rush the passer?

13:09:20 Tim May: That's the question for which there is no answer right now. The front fellows are trying, and Urban Meyer is on them to try a little harder. Any defense would prefer not to have to blitz to gain consistent pressure, but we'll see if OSU gets a little more aggressive in that area this week. I was impressed by freshman Noah Spence's pass rush on the last play last week though. He was not to be denied, and freshman Adolphus Washington has sort of the same approach. Expect to see more of those blue chips this week.

13:09:31 Doormattedforlife.com: Do you think the noon start times play a role in the laid-back atmosphere in Ohio Stadium. Or does it all trace back to the fact that the program is on suspension and the fans know that?

13:12:09 Tim May: There's probably a little bit of all of that in the jambalaya. It has been a late-taking-their-seats crowd so far, too. We'll see if things change the more the season wears on. As I keep telling people, though, this is a great chance for those who have never been to an OSU game to gain a ticket. They likey will be much harder to come by again in the near future.

13:12:16 circleville fan: I did not see last week's game on TV. Did Brionte Dunn look like he can handle some carries as a freshman?

13:13:58 Tim May: He has handled some, so the answer is yes. Besides, OSU doesn't run the tailback like it did in the past. It's not like he has to be a 25-carry dude, just tough when he cuts it up between the tackles. A power presence is at the heart of the Urban Meyer-Tom Herman spread, uptempo offense.

13:14:07 gman: Is there a clear fix to the blown coverages in the scondary when it seems the CB or LB releases a receiver and the safety is to take over? It seems new this year and I wonder if Coach Coombs had similar issues whiel at Cincy. Would Bill Sheridan's group have had the same problem, does he at Tampa Bay (I don't watch NFL).

13:17:35 Tim May: Heck gman, I don't know the answer to those last two questions, but the Buckeyes are using some new terminology and defensve schemes on the back side, which is where new safeties coach/co-defensive coordinator Everett WIthers comes in to play. We will definitely see whether they've corrected things this week, because Cal is an upper level offense when it comes to passing the ball. Keenan Allen is an elite college receiver, and his half-brother Zach Maynard, the quarterback, is a crafty lefthander.

13:17:44 Where's my paper?: who originally came up with thw nickname 'philly' for corey brown?

13:20:23 Tim May: I do not know the answer to that. I just know suddely he was being called Philly to differntiate him from the other Corey Brown on the team, a defensive back from Monroville (Gateway), Pa., whom they call Pittsburgh. Philly Brown prefers to be called Corey, but he has learned to go with the flow for now. I think he'd actually like to earn a new nickname, TD, but we'll see how that goes.

13:20:38 JDB1978: Tim, do you have any idea whether or not the Buckeyes will honor Jim Tressel at this year's Michigan game? There's an interesting choice to be made by the administration as they prepare celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the 2002 national championship, no?

13:22:44 Tim May: I do not know the answer to that. But if he is willing to show up, it would make sense. He was the coach, after all, who helped make it happen. Just like Maurice Clarett was the running back without whom that team probably would not have won, despite what happened in the months and years after.

13:22:56 bob: So, two weeks in a row, the Buckeyes could not get ONE yard when they needed it. How do you fix that?

13:27:03 Tim May: They got one yard one time last week when they needed it. In fact, if I remember correctly they got six on the play, a run up the gut by Carlos Hyde. You fix it just by working on being tougher and smarter. And you are chatting with a fellow who believes there is no time like that to pop a pass, because the defense has to react right now to any kind of play action. But Meyer wanted his offense to rise to the occasion on those tries early this year. It finally did.

13:27:18 gman: Does the mdeia find it much easier to write about things Urban says compared to the Senator's often bland comments? How about how you as the press are treated? Did you ever dread Tressel's meetings?

13:29:47 Tim May: Dread? Heck no. It was access. Any access is good as far as I'm concerned. You learned how to ask questions of Tressel as the years wore on, especially when seeking specifics. Meanwhile, Meyer gushes specifics like Old Faithful. Of course as a reporter you like that. Will it continue ad infinitum? We'll see.

13:30:02 eddie: Will Braxton throw more and run less this week?

13:32:12 Tim May: I am going to guess yes. At least that is the plan. That was the plan last week, too. But it is hard for a QB who is as gifted as he is at running to dish the ball on the option, because his natural make-em-miss moves give him the confidence he can turn any play into a big gain. It will be interesting to watch him grow in the regard along with the offense.

13:32:18 backfromlunch: There's a rumor out there that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys is dotting the i at this week's game. Is that true?

13:34:09 Tim May: I don't know. It's Hall of Fame weekend, and Bobby Knight is getting inducted. He would be my first choice.

13:34:17 withholding judgment: Which Ohio State players would say have the most swagger? It seems this team needs someone to stand up, beat his chest and wake up what seems to be a pretty lethargic bunch.

13:37:28 Tim May: Meyer seems to consider "swagger" to be an unsavory trait. He wants his players to celebrate with other players after a touchdown, not beat their chest. But as far as confidence, I think Miller has it on offense, and Roby and Howard and Big Hank and Simon have it on defense.

13:37:38 bobthebuckeye: 4 straight noon games to start the season. ever remember that happening?

13:38:58 Tim May: No I don't. And I wish it would continue. It gives me more of a chance to watch more college football on Saturday nights.

13:39:04 circleville fan: I have seen film of the Cal quarterback, who looks like a pretty sharp passer. Will their game plan be to just keep throwing?

13:42:11 Tim May: Look at the OSU defensive stats, and it makes sense to wing it as often as possible, as far as I'm concerned. But look again at the stats and you see 5 interceptions already -- the team had just 13 all of last year. Travis Howard is tied for the national lead with three -- the leaders for OSU last year just had three apiece. But I like this Cal QB, Maynard. He seems nimble and elusive, and throws well on the run, or at least outside the pocket. It could be another afternoon of chase for the would-be OSU sackers (see question above).

13:42:25 newguy: Is Meyer likely to take over himself if the ball game gets really critical. rather than relying on his other coaches?

13:44:04 Tim May: He steps in from time to time now, playing a key role between possessions on the direction he wants to see the offense take, and maybe who he wants to see get the ball, etc Any head coach is going to step in more when the going gets tight. I mean, it's his name on the door.

13:44:37 Buckeye in VA: The O-line was impressive to me in last week's game. Your thoughts?

13:47:15 Tim May: There have been plays already this year when the offensive line has been dominant, and othes when it's been gashed. It looks like a much more physical unit, and one that likely is only going to get better as the season progresses. I especially like Jack Mewhort out at left tackle.

13:47:49 DJ: What do You think are Tim Brando's Motives for his criticism of Urban?

13:51:56 Tim May: I really have no idea, nor any inclination to find out. When I get on that Twitter thing the other night, it was just to clarify some of the "misinformation" that had been uttered. From the best of my knowledge, Urban Meyer did not "politick" for his team to have the right to play for the Leaders title. That clarification came from the Big Ten office after it was asked whether OSU and Penn State, both with post-season bans this year, could at least still lay claim to a regular season division title. The league office said yes.

13:52:11 Buckeye in VA: What do you make of Penn State's 0-2 start?

13:55:58 Tim May: Stunning. I thought it was a team capable of starting 4-0, based on its schedule, and possibly get to 7-5 overall. But it was interesting to see how Ohio U. took control in the second half. And it was telling to see the PSU kicker go 1 of 5 on field goals in the loss at Virginia, a game the Nittany Lions otherwise dominated. Telling, in that PSU lost its returning kicker before the season started when he opted to take advantage of the free transfer rule which came with the NCAA sanctions and move to Texas. It's going to be a long decade for the Nittany Lions.

13:56:06 mehtash: I know it's early but why isn't John Simon being mentioned in the same breath as Johnathan Hankins with regards to projected high first round draft picks next year? Is it his size?

13:57:45 Tim May: His size does make Simon a quandary for NFL scouts and coaches, no doubt. But more and more they are finding ways to incorporate "tweener" players into schemes. Simon's motor will earn him more attention as the draft nears, I do believe.

13:57:51 eddie: Will Urban try to pile on the points against Tedford late in the game, even though they are supposed to be good friends?

14:01:01 Tim May: We won't know that until Saturday, now will we? But what we do know, and as Meyer reiterated on Wednesday to us after practice, his wish for the future is to see Ohio Stadium becaome "an inferno" brought on by constant effort, big plays on both sides of the ball and special teams, and points, points, points. We'll see if his wish comes true.

14:01:08 Rob_(moderator): Thanks, everyone. We'll do it again next week, when Bill Rabinowitz will field your questions. That's a wrap.

14:01:23 Tim May: I enjoyed it, as usual. Thanks.