Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

Dispatch OSU football beat writer Tim May answered your questions about the Buckeyes, Big Ten and college football in general during our weekly chat.

12:59:34 Tim May: It's Wisky week, but no drinking on this chat. That's the house rules. Looking forwrd to watching a big-time game in Camp Randall.

13:07:07 Rob_(moderator): Any questions? Please send 'em.

13:07:51 Ignats75: How effective will Sabino be this week?

13:09:57 Tim May: Good question ... because it's the first one. We won't know the answer until Saturday, but he must be very effective at strongside linebacker. I mean, Wisky is a run-first team that does things like line up in the "barge" formation and just tries to shove its way down the field. Big game for the front seven on defense, linebackers included.

13:10:09 Ignats75: Do you think that UrbM really wants to pound Bielima into the ground over last spring's controversy?

13:12:21 Tim May: Any time you get called out, it sticks with you, even though things might have gotten straightened out since. But Urban Meyer's whole approach is about the pound, no matter the opponent. He wants his team to score a lot of points, run up a lot of yards, and throttle the opponent's offense. And he will tell you so.

13:12:26 ncflash: If this game turns into who can adjust when it comes to WI offense or our D - which side would have the best chance to "adjust" their going-in gameplan and change the course of the game?

13:12:51 Tim May: Ohio State

13:13:32 Rob_(moderator): Any other questions, folks? If not, we'll wrap it up.

13:14:52 Tim May: Ohio State's game plan on defense will be pretty straight forward. The Buckeyes must be gap sound, and against Wisky's run game, that means covering the waterfront. But if the Buckeyes can force a journeyman quarterback to have to beat them throwing the ball, it should be to OSU's advantage.

13:14:52 Wizard22: Sorry, late to the party. Are we short on running backs now?

13:17:09 Tim May: Well, when I asked Urban Meyer in the post-practice mass interview yesterday who would be his third-team running back, he first said "Tim May." After the chuckling subsided, he said fullback Adam Homan likely would get the call, but he hopes it doesn't come to that. The old phrase "you need a pair and a spare" is going to be tested for sure, what with Bri'onte Dunn not be available due to the knee sprain.

13:18:08 Ignats75: I look at the talent dfferential here and think I see a marked advantage to the Buckeyes. Am I looking thru scarlet covered glasses or am I onto something?

13:21:37 Tim May: Sorry, my computer logged off for some reason. I see where you're coming from. Wisky has been all over the map this season in terms of consistency. But its three losses have come by a combined nine points. Where I think OSU has the advantage in this game is in passing the ball. But will the OSU receivers rise to the occasion? That's the big question. I mean, Devin Smith has just seven catches in six Big Ten games. Only two games left, you know what I mean?

13:21:49 hopalong: Why do you think the Buckeyes dropped in the AP poll this week?

13:25:19 Tim May: All kinds of reasons, one being they were tied with Georgia for fifth the week before. Suddenly, AP voters faced the possibility of an SEC team not being in the top four and I think most of them blinked. The argument can be made OSU has beaten no one of significance, at least compared to the teams above them, but, I mean, Georgia was waxed -- WAXED -- by South Carolina. At this point voters are judging who could beat whom. But of those voters, which of them saw two-loss Texas A&M going into No.1 Alabama and winning last week?

13:25:25 smumbs: Does Zach Boren have a future in the NFL? I know that the fullback position is a dying breed and he only just moved to linebacker. That said, I think he brings a lot ot the table with regards to the intangibles.

13:27:34 Tim May: Is he going to be a high draft choice? No. But is he a fellow who can help an NFL team in a variety of ways? I think so. No.1, the dude knows football, which gives him a half step over a comparably equipped athlete. But he will be a tweener, someone a team must fall in love with and go with that hunch.

13:27:47 hopalong: Is Johnathan Hankins headed to the NFL after this season? I wouldn't blame him, but it would be great to keep him here another year.

13:28:11 Rob_(moderator): Last call for questions, folks. None in the hopper.

13:30:29 Tim May: Got a story coming in our GameDayPlus section Saturday on Big Hank. And of course at this point he said he is barely thinking about that and hasn't made a decision. But striking when your stock is hot is smart, and his stock is very hot. That said, he also enjoys the college game, and he would have a great chance at being a captain as a senior on a team that, going into the season, is going to get a lot of run as possible national title contender. The same goes for third-yaer sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby who also will be contemplating a jump come season's end.
13:30:36 ncflash: which of these last 2 games will be the toughest for us to win, in your opinion...

13:33:00 Tim May: Both are going to be tough, but if I have to choose one, it's at Wisconsin on Saturday. The Badgers clearly seem to have their mojo back on offense after setting a school record with 564 yards rushing last week at Indiana. But they are a mystery, because Michgian State stoned their running game in the game before. Wisconsin also has a stout defense, but OSU offers the most balanced offense the Badgers have faced since the game at Nebraska, and we all know how that one finished.

13:33:07 grandfive: Mr. May: i realize it is an "off the wall" question, however what is the benefit of the elastic bands some players wear on their arms and legs?

13:35:02 Tim May: I've been told there is little if any therapeutic benefit, but that the bands do make their muscles pop. So, following on that, I guess if you think you look good you'll play well. Or something like that.

13:35:09 Mr. Brutus: How much credit should Urban Myer receive for this years turn around?

13:38:49 Tim May: A ton. Make that two tons. And it's not just because of the white horse he road in on, but because of the cavalry he brought with him, including Mickey Marotti, who was probably the KEY hire. BUt who doesn't like the diversity of th offense led by coordinator Tom Herman and aided by Ed Warinner. In Big Ten games only, the Buckeyes lead the league in rushing and in scoring, for example. There is a sense they are all about scoring points and gaining yards, and that comes from the top down.

13:39:18 smumbs: How do you see the running back situation playing out next year with Hall, Hyde, Smith, Ball, Dunn and now Elliott (maybe even Jalin Marshall) in the mix? Seems like there will be a logjam. Do you think someone may transfer?

13:43:12 Tim May: Yeah, but I thought there was going to be a logjam this year before injuries took their toll. There is no doubt in my mind "Zeke" Elliott is going to get a serious early loo just because of the speed he brings to table. Marshall is elusive. And it's no secret that Meyer and Herman long for that hybrid back that never truly materialized this year due to Jordan Hall's problems. But Carlos Hyde is at least on the sidewalk leading to the 1,000-yard club going into the last two games. If he becomes the first running back ever to top 1,000 in an Urban Meyer offense, he will not be forgotten.

13:43:30 Wizard22: Ohio State did as well as anyone at bottling up Montee Ball last year. Do you think he will get 100 yards against rhe Buckeyes this time?

13:45:50 Tim May: We'll have to wait and see, obviously. But you are right, OSU was the only Big Ten opponent to hold him under 100 last year (85) and he is a huge blip on the radar again going into Saturday. But yardage aside, what the defense can't afford is to let him go off in terms of scoring. You know he is one TD shy of the major college career record for TDs. I am sure that is somewhere on the OSU defense

13:45:56 John: I've been wondering why we haven't seen any tackle-eligible plays this year, given that Reid Fragel seems ideally suited. Any chance of seeing any the next two weeks?

13:46:09 Tim May: 's bulletin board.

13:47:14 Tim May: I'm not even sure that

13:47:36 Tim May: I'm not even sure that's legal any more in college football.

13:47:41 skippy15: Sounds like from some recent comments Roby is at least thinking about the NFL draft even with 2 years of eligibility left. If he does leave how bad does that hurt the bucks in your opinion losing him and Howard?

13:50:00 Tim May: Any time you lose an NFL caliber player it hurts of course. I am not so sure Roby is leaving, though. He said on Twitter couple of weeks ago he'd like to play for a national title. But we will see. Doran Grant is high on the coaches' list right now, Armani Reeves exudes potential, and incoming players Eli Woodard and Cam Burrows are considered to be among the elite cover corner prospects in the nation.

13:50:16 ncflash: To win this game do you think it will require BM to have 150 rushing yards or 200+passing yards?

13:52:23 Tim May: The need is for him to make big plays. Wisconsin has been very good agaisnt the run this season, but OSU, like Nebraska, presents a much different challenge than Michigan State does. That said, there will be opportunities for the Buckeyes to make plays in the passing game if Miller can be protected. So I guess I have to go with the 200 passing, since I always think he will have a decent day running.

13:52:37 skippy15: If you were picking the Nat. Champ. game this year, rankings, losses and impressiveness aside, your trying to match the 2 best teams in college football this year, who would you put in? I don't see how anyone could pick outside Oregon and Alabama but people seem to really be over hyping Notre Dame. Kansas state is good but I don't think as good as bama or Oregon. Who are the best 2 in your opinion?

13:55:39 Tim May: The game, right now, I would like to see is Oregon vs. Alabama. People who know me know I grew up first in Alabama then Texas, but that I went to Bama games as a youngster. That said, I was telling all who would listen the past six weeks there is no such thing as an invincible college team, and Bama this year certainly was not one. Oregon scores point seemingly on the way from the locker room to the field. I would love to see a "classic" team like Bama go against the future of football in Oregon's offense.

13:56:06 Jeff K: Assuming OSU takes care of business Sat. do you think this is a team that will embrace the challenge of stomping TTUN to cap off a perfect season? I think we have many advantages but it is THE GAME.

13:59:43 Tim May: My friend, if OSU gets to 11-0, the prospect of finishing 12-0 by beating one's archrival will provide motivation that is off the charts. It will be the Super Bowl for 2012 Buckeyes. It will be Braxton Miller's last chance to sway voters in the Heisman Trophy race. It will be Urban Meyer's first chance to plant the flag in what promises to be a renewed 100-yard war with Brady Hoke. It will be the Buckeyes last chance at a "forget me not" bouquet headed into the long, bowl-less offseason. Motivation, again, will be off the hook

13:59:49 Rob_(moderator): Thanks, everyone. That's a wrap.