WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Jeff Heuerman caught, he ran, he leaped, he scored, and he did a lot of blocking.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Jeff Heuerman caught, he ran, he leaped, he scored, and he did a lot of blocking.

Maybe next time, the opposing team will be more cautious in dealing with the Ohio State tight end. But yesterday, Purdue was not.

The Boilermakers left a seldom-used Heuerman unchecked several times early in the game, and the Buckeyes and quarterback Braxton Miller went to him often to start the snowball rolling downhill in a 56-0 victory.


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"If you really watch the play, it's just the defense dictating where the ball is going," coach Urban Meyer said. "Heuerman is an excellent player. And you wish he had more touchdowns, more catches, but the defense dictates where the ball is going."

By that logic, Purdue's defense dictated throwing it to Heuerman, a 6-foot-6, 252-pound junior. He caught five passes for 116 yards - both career highs - and the most yardage by an Ohio State tight end since John Frank had 123 at Michigan in 1983.

Heuerman got the first touchdown for the Buckeyes offense on a 40-yard reception in the first quarter for a 14-0 lead.

"We had a good game plan coming in, and they gave us some things we thought they were going to give us," Heuerman said.

In earlier games, Purdue appeared to have its hands full covering the primary threats on offense, leaving someone like Heuerman open.

"I don't think it's me as much as it is the other guys," Heuerman said. "Having a running back like Carlos Hyde and a quarterback like Braxton Miller and some of our offensive weapons like Dontre Wilson and Devin (Smith) and Evan (Spencer) and (Corey) Brown - the defense, they've got to respect all of them. It puts them in a bind sometimes."

With it being his game in the spotlight, though, Heuerman showed what he could do, even hurdling a tackler while going for a first down.

"I'm going to tell him to stop doing that," Miller said with a smile. "He's too big for that."

Said Heuerman: "Coach Mick told me I looked athletic," referring to Mickey Marotti, the team's head strength coach."

"I knew we had to get that third down," Heuerman said. "I wasn't quite aware of where I was at, so I just tried to get a few extra yards. A lot of guys have been coming after my legs, so I just gave a little jump."