Five employees of Ohio State football program were married in eight-week span.

Chassidy Hinton always envisioned having a fall wedding in the cooler — yet, still pleasant — weather.

“I was always seeing images on Pinterest of leaves falling on couples from oak trees and the darker, burgundy colors,” she said.

But in late 2015 she met Quinn Barham, then a strength and conditioning coach for the North Carolina State University football team near her home in Raleigh. When Barham, now in the same position at Ohio State University, popped the question in May 2018,

Hinton knew she would have to make some accommodations.

Not only did she nix her harvest color scheme, but her dream wedding also was shifted from the fall to the short college football “offseason” — between May and June. The couple, both 30 and natives of North Carolina, were married May 11 in their home state.

“It was pure joy … we were like two giddy kids,” said Hinton, now Chassidy Barham.

That newlywed elation has reverberated throughout the Woody Hayes Athletic Center this summer as Barham was the first of five grooms associated with the football program to say “I do” in a matter of eight weeks. Their five brides will experience their first game day after marrying into Buckeye Nation as Ohio State opens its season in Ohio Stadium Saturday against Florida Atlantic University.

The couples and their coworkers couldn’t help but marvel at the large number of recent weddings, which each represents more than a joining of two families but also all the commitments that come with living and breathing scarlet and gray.

“We have 50 to 60 full-timers, and 10 percent ended up getting married,” said Jerry Emig, OSU associate athletic director for communications. “I don't know if we’ve ever had that many.”

Assistant athletic trainer Solomon Campbell, who wed Kelsey Ferguson, 29, on June 29, added, “We joked with our intern that if he hung around here long enough, he’d end up married.”

In fact, assistant athletic trainer Tyler Deam got a little help meeting his new wife from his boss, head athletic trainer Shaun Barnhouse.

“Working in football athletic training, we are here all the time and we don’t get out a lot,” said Deam, 30, a Champaign County native who now lives in Lewis Center.

On May 31, he married Westerville native Addie Rupert (now Addie Deam), a friend of Barnhouse’s wife, in New Albany.

Addie Deam said she had grown up a casual Buckeyes fan, but since meeting her husband, she has gone all in. Now, she knows what penalties are, can rattle off the names of past and present players and attends the majority of games.

“After dating for a while and that first fall camp, I had no idea just how intense the season is,” said Addie Deam, 25, who is studying at Ohio Dominican University to become a physician assistant. “They live and breathe football.”

The others in the department to tie the knot this summer included creative media and post-production director Zach Swartz, a central Ohio native who married Hannah Mielke, originally from Michigan, on June 28. Associate strength and conditioning coach Phil Matusz, a Pennsylvania native, wed Jillian Byers, originally from New York, on July 5. Both events took place in central Ohio.

In the months leading up to the OSU “wedding season,” topics shifted from X’s and O’s to what kind of rings the guys would be wearing and the size of the guest list. Campbell said he appreciated having coworkers in the same boat.

“Me and Quinn talked quite a bit — whether we felt strongly about something in the wedding or you needed clarification that you were not crazy,” said Solomon Campbell, 28, a Buffalo, New York, native who now lives in Hilliard. “I was at Tyler’s wedding, and it was cool to see not only the process but the end product.”

Likewise, the Deams attended the Campbells’ nuptials in That State Up North, where she was raised a Wolverine fan. (She chooses to remain neutral during “The Game,” her husband said.)

Addie Deam said although her husband’s job is demanding — missed holidays, long hours, travel — the sacrifices they make are worth it. Plus, there are perks. As the football season prepares to kick off, she said she is looking forward to attending special dinners for football staff members and their families and activities hosted during bowl games.

Chassidy Barham, an attorney, is excited to finally live in the same state as her husband come October, when she will move to Dublin from North Carolina during the football team’s bye week. The couple has maintained a long-distance relationship since early 2016, a few months after they met on Tinder.

That’s when Quinn Barham was offered a job at Ohio State, an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. But they decided to remain dating.

“We were hit with a brick, and that brick was Mick Marotti (head strength and conditioning coach) and Ohio State,” said Quinn Barham, a former offensive lineman for Penn State. “Two months into a relationship, what do you do? We took a leap of faith.”

That has worked out for both the Barhams. Chassidy said she can’t wait to cheer on her adopted Buckeyes — and her husband — Saturday, when she will be in Ohio Stadium.

“We're finally joining our lives together,” she said. “I’m excited to be up there and tailgate, meet more folks and experience this from the wife aspect.”

She can’t imagine a more perfect autumn, with falling leaves, cool weather — and now Buckeye football.