What Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh often asks of his offense can be summed up by the words of William Shakespeare: “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”

Many times last week in a loss at Wisconsin, the Wolverines jumped into versions of the power I and tried to force a breach in the Badgers defense, rarely with success.

Still, the Ohio State defense can expect the same challenge Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Whether it’s lining up in the power I, with a tight end in the backfield to provide added blocking power, or bringing a tight end in motion from the wing to wind up in the power I before the snap, the intent is the same: Overwhelm a gap with more blockers than defenders in order to spring running back Karan Higdon or another.

Like on this play, call it “Power I left, over left, lead smash.” The second tight end lines up flanked right but goes in motion to the left, lingering until the snap before attacking the flank.

At the snap, the fullback leads the way into the same area while the right guard pulls over to the left intent on providing a lead block, too.

Behind them, quarterback Brandon Peters sprints back to hand off to the tailback who is already sizing up whether the breach has been made.

The Buckeyes’ intent, meanwhile, will be the same as Wisconsin’s was last week, to turn the breach into a logjam.