Hawthorn Of Aurora Lp, to Pulte Homes Of Ohio LLC, 825 Birdsong Ct, $490,000

Nvr Inc, to Thomas A Hamilton And Kimberly M Symons-hamilton, 75 Lakeland Way, $399,100

Michael J And Susan M Poremba, to James M Daprile, 450-70 Meadowview Dr, $220,000

Richard M And Mary A Mucci, to Randy A And Debra L West, 455-55 Meadowview Dr, $169,000

Jon C And Maetinee Loparo, to Michael B And Julianne R Ella, 460 Walnut Ridge Trl, $365,000

Mark D Omalley, to Michael And Belinda Porter, 846 Pennsylvania St, $39,000


Nrz Reo Vi-b LLC, to Joshua Porter, 4776 Estes Dr, $98,500

Haddad A L & T L Trust, to Gerald J And Judith A Wise, 3482 Hanover Dr, $95,000

Randall C Nunley, to Gary E Beck, 3687 Ranfield Rd, $85,800


Craig S And Amanda R Holcomb, to Josh L And Erika J Schoenberger, 7504 Diagonal Rd, $825,000


Ohalleran LLC, to Amanda R Holcomb, 322 Riverside Ct, $124,900

Private Selling Officer Of Porta G, to Edmund L Namolik, 302 Cherry St, $40,000


Ray E And Rachel E Hutchinson, to Matthew T And Jessica M Erickson, 4719 Foxhall Ct, $257,000

Richard L And Katherine L Fedor, to Tara And Nicholas Christopher, 11460 Sheldon Rd, $450,000

George And V Joan Chabra, to Dale A And Jeffrey E Degler, 11058 Chamberlain Rd, $110,000

Frederick R And Connie M Midgley, to Rspj Farm LLC, 12472 Mantua Center Rd, $40,000


Joe F And Janice M Jordan, to Daniel D Byler, 11668 Nicholson Rd, $50,000

Marvin M And Ida M Miller, to Andrew J Fisher And Freida R Yoder, 12130 Prentiss Rd, $170,000


Secretary Of Hsng & Urban Dev, to Daniel L And Terri L Pawlak, 351 Clinton St, $51,100

Herdy L Christian, to Ace Mason, 884 Collins Pond Dr, $160,000

Rosalie M Trivelli, to Dale T Kelly, 435 Lincoln St, $65,000

Stella Collier, to Chelsea And Ryan Kinter, 231 Pratt St, $51,500


Charles F And Cynthia S Tasker, to Ronal J Conner, 6486 Spring, $135,000

Private Selling Officer Of Portg A, to Lakeview Ln Servicing LLC, 5227 Newton Falls Rd, $46,667


Ronald L And Vicki L Bennett, to Brian And Rebekah Gillespie, 5237 Hemlock Dr, $220,000

Elizabeth Heil, to Christopher S And Megan M Martin, 3788 Homestead Rd, $125,000

Duane A And Rose L Frame, to Matthew And Desarae Frame, 3974 Rosalind Dr, $100,000

Roberta A Freedline, to Kelley Marder, 4058 Sabin Dr, $120,000

James C And Angela M Brown, to Joshua Allen, 4581 State Route 44, $80,000


Michael L And Brenda K Gerardi, to Daniel And Christine M Fuller, 8684 Infirmary Rd, $274,000


John R Pinkes, to George G Chettle And Courtney L Buraczewski, 758 Antler Trl, $206,000

Joseph L Casey, to Gerald And Raelynn Bierly, 1929 Fairways Dr, $259,900


William R And Brenda L Hunt, to John Hunt, 2124 Randolph Rd, $175,000


Tom And Liann Hartman, to Samantha Smithberger, 9129 Horn Rd, $72,000