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(This story originally published on the front page on Nov. 21, 1965)

Kick Is Up -- It's Good! Bucks Win It, 9-7

Ohio State's 1965 football season became a thrilling success Saturday when place kicking specialist Bob Funk booted a 28-yard field goal with just a minute and 15 seconds to play to give the Buckeyes a spectacular 9-7 victory over arch rival Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The win gave Ohio second place, in back of Michigan State, in the Big Ten conference and a season record of seven victories and two losses.

Ohio State struck first, driving 76 yards on 15 plays for a touchdown in the first quarter on a thread-the-needle pass from Don Unverferth to Bill Anders. The conversion try missed.

In the second quarter, Michigan intercepted an Ohio State pass deep in Buckeye territory and Wolverine fullback Dave Fisher carried on four successive plays to lug the ball 15 yards to a score. Michigan made its conversion and the Wolverines led 7-6.

Michigan dominated play in the third period and far into the final quarter. Then with only seven minutes and 25 seconds to play, Ohio State took possession of the ball on its own nine-yard line.

It took a daring fourth-down gamble and a powerful charge into the line by Will Sander for two yards to pick up the initial first down. Then, with Sander picking up yards on line smashes and Bo Rein gaining on tricky reverses, Ohio State drove to the Michigan 11.

The whole success of the season seemed to hang on the next swing of a foot. On fourth down, Funk kicked a field goal from the 18-yard line, Oho State won the ball game and WOW!!!

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(This story originally published in the Sports section on Nov. 21, 1965)

Fine Team in Clutch, Happy Woody Says

Dispatch Sports Writer

ANN ARBOR, Mich. " What you could hear of Woody Hayes' post-game press conference in the bedlam that was Ohio State's dressing room sounded as if he was just as pleased as he could be with the season-ending 9-7 win over Michigan.

Woody took the newsmen to a stack of trunks in one corner of the room and sat down, trying to make himself heard over the showers, yells and repeated choruses of 'We don't give a what's-his-name for the whole state of you-know-where.'

'Did they come along this season?' he asked about his own Buckeyes.

'I've never had a team develop any better. And I never had a team better in the clutch.

'We have to be the luckiest team alive We've won a lot of close ones. Why, Iowa (38-0) was the only team we really decisioned. Everyone else was right down to the wire.

'And you know why we win the close ones? Hayes inquired of everyone. Then answered, 'Because we're blessed with good kickers, thanks to (Coach Emeritus) Ernie Godfrey.

'You would be amazed at what that means to a team, having a kicker who can pull a game out for you like Bob Funk did this one (with a 28-yard field goal with 1:15 remaining).

'We'll have another good kicker next year, too. Ernie has been working with him already.

'Our running came through today and our passing didn't,' Hayes ventured, then admitted passing was a big part of the Buckeye touchdown drive as well as his pre-game plan for the Buckeyes.

'We figured to pass quite a bit against them, especially on the early downs There are some openings in their pass defense and we figure we have a great passer in Don Unverferth.

'On the last drive, we didn't throw much because we were afraid of that interception That hurt us twice today Gave them their touchdown.'

At this point, Hayes paused in his discussion to pay tribute to the only conference team to beat his Buckeyes this year " Rose Bowl bound Michigan State.

'After their win over Notre Dame today, there's not much question they're No. 1,' Woody asserted. 'I know Michigan State gave us a real whacking (32-7).

'They met all the challenges ... They deserve the honors.'

Turning back to the contest still being celebrated in all other areas of the Buckeye quarters, Hayes pointed out that 'When we moved on the ground in the last drive, we're back home. That's our kind of football.'

Asked about the key try for first down with 4th and 2 on the Ohio 17 in the final drive, Woody explained.

'We went for it with our old familiar off tackle play. It starts out that way, but we break it back to the inside of we have to.

'Yes, it was clearly a first down. The head linesman signaled it right away, I suppose that's why the officials didn't go through with the measurement Michigan called for.'

'Michigan can be a real good football team,' Hayes continued. 'They have been in games this season but injuries have hurt them " the same as they have us.

'Were they good today? Well they darn near beat us. They're a good running team; have four good running backs. Next to Michigan State, they run as well as anybody in the league.

'Our defense did a good job against them holding a team that has been averaging 17 points to only seven points and that after an interception.

'And Michigan gathered momentum in this game. I think they were confused by our passing in the first half. But we let down a little and they picked up in the third quarter.

'They're tough to stop, we recognize that. Their offense reminds me of when we had Ferguson at fullback and Matte at quarterback.'

Asked about the conversion attempt which Funk missed in the first quarter, Hayes said, 'Something had to go wrong for that to miss. It wasn't a bad snap or anything like that and it did just barely miss.'

Arnie Fontes, who held for both the missed conversion that the winning field goal, was dressing nearby and he said:

'Bob said he kicked the ball right on the extra point attempt, but he didn't look up, so he couldn't tell it wasn't good.

'There was no doubt about the field goal. The snap was a little high, but I was able to spot it and Bob kicked it right through the middle.'

Hayes by then was nearly surrounded by well-wishers as the singing continued in the showers, along with the seemingly endless handshakes and backslapping.

As Woody left to join some of the celebrating, he again saluted the winning kick:

'What a field goal! That kick was good as gold.'

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