A question and answer with Ohio State Buckeye Miles Johnson, a senior volleyball player.

Sport: Volleyball

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Hometown: Encinitas, California

Major: Sustainability and business

Question: On the day of this writing, the high temperature in Columbus is about 20 degrees and the high in your hometown is supposed to be around 70; after four years, have you gotten accustomed to our weather?

Answer: I actually grew up in Durango, Colorado, and lived there for 10 years, so I don't mind cold weather. Although, there was a week during my sophomore year where it was minus-30 and school got canceled. That was pretty horrible.

Q: What's the secret to keeping toasty on a cold day on campus?

A: The secret to keeping warm rests in the wool sock/long underwear combination, possibly a flannel or two and a beanie. That's the formula I've gone with and it's pretty nice.

Q: How did your recruitment go?

A: My process was pretty interesting. I didn't really watch college sports growing up, so I didn't know who or what Ohio State was. I took a visit with my dad and two days later I knew that I wanted to attend OSU.

Q: Were you recruited by schools closer to your home?

A: A few California schools pursued me, but I honestly wanted to leave California and experience something new.

Q: How difficult was it to leave behind family and a familiar lifestyle?

A: I actually was surprised with how moving across the country didn't affect me. Occasionally I felt a little homesick, but I keep in contact with close friends and family on a daily basis, so that helps.

Q: In what other ways have you had to adjust to life in Ohio?

A: It may sound cliche, but the biggest adjustment has been not having Mexican food. It makes up a large portion of my diet when I'm home. Other than that, I still haven't adjusted to how people drive in Columbus. Absolutely terrifies me.

Q: Let's talk volleyball: Besides winning the NCAA championship trophy, what was your favorite moment of last year's title run?

A: Other than winning the championship, my favorite moment was when Nic "Frenchie" Szerszen got an ace for the win against UCLA in the semifinal match.

Q: You had a solid year, then really came to play in the final four, to the point that you were named tournament MVP. Did something happen to make things click?

A: I was stoked to get MVP. Everyone played so well in the tournament that it alleviated any pressure to perform and created a relaxed atmosphere on the court. Although, I was glad when the UCLA match ended because that was the most stressful game I have ever played in.

Q: I'm sure there is real technique involved in executing a jump serve, but it often looks as if players just rip it as hard as they can. True or false?

A: Mostly true, but if your toss is bad then the focus is placed on keeping it in play and not spatching it into the bleachers.

Q: Your league, the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association, has eight members besides Ohio State. Can you name them all without cheating?

A: Uhh … Ball State, Lewis, Quincy, McKendree, Grand Canyon, IPFW, Loyola, Lindenwood. I may or may not have done a quick Google to check my answers.

Q: What is your favorite MIVA road trip?

A: Aside from traveling to Arizona, my favorite would have to be the McKendree game last year. Their gym was completely packed and it was just a fun atmosphere. Also, we ate at this really good restaurant that I want to go back to.

Q: Is there a team that you like to play the most?

A: This year we play Stanford for the first time since I've been at OSU and I'm really looking forward to it. One of my close friends that I played club volleyball with in San Diego is on their team.

Q: How excited are you that the NCAA semifinals and final will be played in Columbus this year?

A: I'm very excited. Winning a title at home for my senior year would be insane. It's hard not looking that far into the future. I'm trying to stay in the moment because this last year is going to fly by.

Ohio State vs. Clemson

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Forecast:Indoor stadium

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