Wilson and Day have two-year deals, Davis a one-year deal

Ohio State released to The Dispatch contracts for new football assistant coaches Kevin Wilson, Ryan Day and Bill Davis, and while Wilson and Day signed two-year pacts, Davis’ contract runs only through January.

Wilson, the former Indiana head coach, is set to make $650,000 in base salary in his first year as OSU offensive coordinator and $750,000 in the second year.

Day’s contract calls for $400,000 this year and $800,000 next year as quarterbacks coach and co-offensive coordinator.

Davis is poised to make $500,000 base salary as linebackers coach.

Also, defensive coordinator Greg Schiano, who had a one-year deal for 2016, agreed to another one-year term for $700,000. He had a base salary of $600,000 in the previous contract.

All four can get significant bonus pay should the Buckeyes excel, just like the other six assistant coaches. They will each receive an 8.5 percent bonus if the team wins the Big Ten East Division title and 4.25 percent will be added if the team wins the Big Ten title game.

After that, an additional 17 percent will be added if the team plays in one of the four College Football Playoff-affiliated bowls that is not one of the semifinal games. If the team makes the playoff semifinals, that bonus will jump to 21.25 percent. If it advances to the title game, the bonus will bump to 25.5 percent.

And like the other assistants, Wilson, Day and Davis will enjoy other perks such as a $600 per month car allowance.

Davis was hired in December; Wilson and Day were hired in January.