Urban Meyer is an avid golfer, but he has a day job that, well, can limit his time on the course.

This week, though, he got pointers from the greatest golfer of all time. The Ohio State coach played on Saturday with Jack Nicklaus at Muirfield Village, site of this week’s Memorial Tournament.

Nicklaus is impressed with Meyer’s potential as a golfer, but Meyer’s play out of sand traps made him cringe.

“On 16th hole, the pin was on the right side and he was in the right bunker,” Nicklaus said Tuesday. “You know how hard a bunker shot that is. He’s standing there with a square stance and the ball in the back of his stance with a square (club) face. I said, ‘Whoa.’ We tried to get him to do it (correctly). We finished the round and I said that you need to learn how to play a bunker shot.”

They made arrangements to work on it the next day.

“He was here waiting for me when I got here in the morning,” Nicklaus said.

With assistance from Muirfield Village’s golf pros, Meyer got a new wedge with a different degree of loft.

“We went out and went in the bunker and showed him how to play a bunker shot,” Nicklaus said. “He said, ‘I’ve got the idea.’”

Nicklaus said that Meyer played Ohio State’s Scarlet course on Monday.

“Word got back to me (that) he said ‘I didn’t play real well, but I got in five bunkers and I got up and down five times.’

“Urban can play. There’s no reason in the world he shouldn’t be a mid- to high-70s player most all the time if he wanted to. He’s strong and he’s a good athlete.”