Editor: I was at Ohio Stadium recently, and all of the banners honoring Ohio State greats are now down. Thanks, Chris Spielman, for not only taking your picture away from the fans who made you great, but having a hand in denying all of us every great former Buckeye who also appeared.

Why isn’t being honored in a great stadium by fans who cheered and loved you enough? The uniform you wore — for free — made you the household name that led to a rich career.

It’s called paying back, and paying forward. The only one making money is the university and its athletic program you claim to love. Money is used to keep it the best.

OSU should remove any picture of Spielman and any reference to any teams he was part of. Now, everyone has to pay the price of his lawsuit, as a unique part of Ohio Stadium is long gone.

Gordon Jackson, Columbus

Gordon: Interesting how you put that: The uniform Spielman wore, and not the man who wore it and performed in it, made him a household name. I couldn’t disagree more. Interesting, too, that a university so hellbent on protecting its brand would slap a sponsor’s name on things and not expect to share.

Editor: I asked myself why Ohio State football needs a slogan for each season.

Two years ago it was “The Grind.” I didn’t even want to get out of bed for that. Then last season it was “Nine Strong” — odd for a sport with 11 players per side, although I know it referred to the position groups. This year it is either “OneStrong” or alternatively “Own It.”

Again, I asked myself, why? Then it hit me. Gene Smith and IMG can probably make a nickel off a slogan. Ah, yes, there’s the answer.

Michael Garapic, Canal Winchester

Michael: There’s also this slogan, which is more of a mantra: Thou shalt not rest until every nickel is thine.

Ray: When the Pete Rose statue of him sliding headfirst was unveiled, I wondered how many others also felt how ironic it was to have a statue that appears to have fallen to represent a fallen hero.

Pete is the only thing Pete ever cared about, and his lies and misdeeds are never-ending. Maybe he should have gone into politics; he’d fit right in.

Dennis M. Singleton, Dayton

Dennis: This latest Pete revelation included the absolute worst defense ever: But she was 16!

Ray: I watched some of the OSU alumni in the $2 million basketball tournament and it was like old times: David Lighty can’t make a layup, Jon Diebler takes and misses a three-pointer late in the game and Jared Sullinger doesn’t play a lick of defense.

Some things never change.

Craig Svab, Zanesville

Craig: I’ll have to take your word for that assessment. I watched only the last couple of minutes of the second overtime, when the former Buckeyes were clearly out of gas. Easy come, easy go.