As much as Ohio State offensive line coach Greg Studrawa is pushing the upperclassmen in his group to provide depth this season, he has his eye on a talented trio of freshmen — Wyatt Davis, Thayer Munford and Josh Myers.

Myers enrolled in January for a head start, and Davis and Munford came in the rest of the class in June.

“We’re throwing things in, every day something new, the defense puts another thing in,” Studrawa said. “They’re handling it wonderful, and I’ve told them, ‘Just go hard,’ learn to go hard first. We’ll figure the rest out later.”

He said Munford is working with the right tackle group, headed by returning starter Isaiah Prince, and Davis is in the competition at right guard, the one spot without a returnee. The front-runner appears to be Malcolm Pridgeon, with several other upperclassmen in the mix.

Myers is working at left guard behind Michael Jordan, and though he was the earliest of the freshmen to join the team, he had some ground to make up compared to Davis and Munford.

“He is so physically strong, and he’s an excellent run blocker,” Studrawa said of Myers. “We had to work on his pass blocking — you know, he was in an offense (in high school) where it was put both hands on the ground and” dominate a defender.

“He’s working on the pass protection, moving his feet, but he is a really strong, physical run blocker.”

Pridgeon also has made strides from a year ago, when he suffered a knee injury in preseason that knocked him out for the season. He had transferred in from Nassau Community College in New York and had been projected to challenge Prince at right tackle.

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Now he is at right guard, and appears to have come to grips with one of his stumbling blocks last summer, the playbook.

“He’s come a long way in that respect (in terms of missed assignments and the like) … but he’s still got a ways to go,” Studrawa said. “We’re sticking more stuff in every day, adding, getting our offense in. That’s his challenge, to mentally stay on top of that stuff so that it will allow him to use his physical ability and play.”

Worley learning

Chris Worley is a returning starter at linebacker, just not at the spot he played last year, moving from outside to the middle replacing Raekwon McMillan. Linebackers coach Bill Davis said that Worley also is on a learning curve, considering some of the things the offense has added under new coordinator Kevin Wilson.

“So you combine learning a new position in the defense with (going against) the offense we’re real excited about … I think Chris is doing a nice job transitioning,” Davis said.