Kevin Wilson has proved through his coaching career that he can find ways to spring receivers open, especially tight ends, so keep that in mind as he makes his debut Thursday night as Ohio State's offensive coordinator.

That the debut happens to be at Indiana, where he was the coach the previous six seasons, is unusual. So here is a play from his recent past that he might spring against the Hoosiers.

Let’s call it “Pistol tight end shuck and shoot” for the fun of it. If it looks familiar, it’s because he used it to spring a touchdown for Indiana last year in a loss to the Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium.

Key elements: The offense deploys in a pistol formation, a running back tight behind the quarterback, receivers spread from sideline to sideline, and the tight end split out into the left slot. The running back goes in motion just before the snap, causing a shift by the defense.

At the snap, the tight end veers out as if to screen off the cornerback set to cover the left split receiver, who has hitched to the inside. But the tight end instead keeps running and turns upfield.

Ohio State safety Malik Hooker bit on the hitch last year and left open the tight end, who caught an easy touchdown pass. Wilson might try to get even on behalf of his new team Thursday night.