Luisa Schirmer

Sport: Women’s volleyball

Age: 21

Year: Senior

Hometown: Pittsford, New York

Major: Mechanical engineering, minoring in business

Question: Let’s start with your hometown; Pittsford is practically Rochester, correct? How would you describe it?

Answer: Pittsford is a quaint little village outside of Rochester, a city similar to Columbus in that it’s trying to revamp to bring younger people back into the city.

Q: Was it a good place to grow up?

A: I loved growing up in upstate New York. We would spend summers boating on the Finger Lakes and winter skiing at local mountains. Everything is green and lush, though that wasn’t always the best for my allergies.

Q: With Rochester ​so close to Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes to the south, it seems like there’s some true natural beauty up that way, yes?

A: Yes, there is beautiful wine country with rolling hills, and clear lakes and great temperatures for swimming and water sports.

Q: What is your favorite Finger Lake?

A: I would say Conesus Lake. Our family friends have a lake house there, and we spent many summers there.

Q: Were you born and raised in Pittsford?

A: I was born outside of Stuttgart, Germany, and moved to Rochester when I was 18 months old because of my dad’s job. We’ve lived in Rochester ever since.

Q: You’re the youngest of three Schirmer girls, after Kaja and Selina, all of you born within four years. How close are you to your sisters?

A: Besides the fact that we live at opposites sides of the country — one sister in New York City, one in Phoenix and me in the middle — we are extremely close. We Facetime each other multiple times a week, and spend vacations together when we can.

Q: They both played volleyball in college, too — Kaja at New Hampshire and Buffalo and Selina at Samford. What lessons have they passed on to you?

A: My sisters were extremely hard workers, both academically and athletically. I am trying to live up to all the great standards they have set for me as the youngest.

Q: Were you guys competitive about your volleyball?

A: Very much so. We set up a volleyball court in our backyard every summer and would play family games. The loser would always have to do some kind of silly punishment. There would often be a lot of arguing.

Q: How have your parents dealt with three volleyball-playing daughters?

A: They loved watching us grow up all playing the same sport, especially when our tournaments coincided and they didn’t have to split up over the weekend. Both of my parents played volleyball growing up so the fact that we took after them in a sport that they loved, made them extremely happy. They also loved that it was never affected by weather conditions.

Q: On to volleyball: How did you end up at Ohio State?

A: I wanted to play in the Big Ten, the team was extremely welcoming and the school was awesome. It was a perfect fit.

Q: How cool is it that the Big Ten is the best volleyball conference in the country?

A: The fans, the atmosphere, the competition and the people are all incredible. Every game is a thrilling experience. You feel like a superstar in this conference.

Q: What’s your favorite Big Ten road trip?

A: The Michigan trip is its own animal; the fans are a little more obnoxious toward us than the rest, fueling our fire even more.

Q: Is it true that you like to cook?

A: I love to cook and bake. I feel so adult when I asked for items for my kitchen instead of normal birthday requests. I will even cook for my roommates, and on certain Sundays we do family dinner nights where we all sit down and eat together, and I do most of the cooking.

Q: Which do you prefer to cook, sweet or savory?

A: Savory, just from a time perspective. I often run out of time to commit to baking a fancy dessert item.

Q: What are your specialties?

A: I’ve started making my family’s authentic German recipes. Everyone always wants to try it, so I always make a lot for leftovers.

Q: If you ever need to test a recipe, you know we’re here for you, right?

A: If it’s too good I may just need to eat it all myself. But typically I’m willing to share.