Spring game redux?

No knock on 25th-ranked Central Florida, but it is a mid-major and overwhelmed Maryland 38-10 the third game of the season. The Buckeyes looked as though they were going against the twos in the spring game with running backs often not meeting a tackler until they got 5 yards past the line.

It was a little like your older brother taking you in the back yard and showing no mercy.

Maryland had an entire calendar year to figure out a way to at least make Ohio State sweat a little bit on its way to the end zone, but it was apparent it would be a track meet from the get-go when Parris Campbell caught 19-, 10- and 6-yard passes from J.T. Barrett and Johnnie Dixon deep-friend a defensive back for a 37-yard catch on the first series of the game.

It was more of the same from the Buckeyes on their second possession. This time, Weber blazed 53 yards to the 12 after being wide open in the flat when wideout Binjimen Victor cleared out the area for him by luring the cornerback inside.

But, oh, my, those special-teams coaches and players are going to have a colorful video review. Ty Johnson ran 100 yards until finding a potential tackler at the goal line on a touchdown on a kickoff return and Chandler Burkett barged through the left side to get one of his mitts on a 47-yard field goal attempt in blocking Sean Nuernberger as if he were zooming in for a slam dunk.

There also was more than a bit of controversy when cornerback Denzel Ward was ejected for targeting on a hit to the shoulder of receiver Taivon Jacobs. In the days of the pre-CTE worry days, Ward’s hit would have been applauded as a textbook hit. His shoulder hit Jacobs right on the Maryland lettering on the front of the jersey. But officials banished him even after a replay.

Cornerback Chase Young was the second Ohio State player to be given the thumb for targeting. Young flattened Bortenschlager with 1:12 left in the quarter. He did not lead with his helmet, but he launched himself at a prone player.

There was yet another special-teams flub when Nuernberger was wide left with a 29-yard field goal with 10:35 left in the quarter. The coaching staff has to think that it was bad enough that a drive fizzled at the 12-yard line.