It turns out that those who thought a targeting call was incorrectly called against Ohio State defensive back Denzel Ward for a jarring hit on a Maryland receiver on Saturday were right, according to coach Urban Meyer.

After the regular review of penalty calls with the league, Meyer said Tuesday that the Buckeyes were told the replay official in the press box “was in error” in upholding the call made on the field in the first half. A targeting call brings an immediate ejection from the game, so Ward was escorted from the field.

“So we’re going to reward Denzel Ward today in practice for a caused fumble, and he should not have been ejected, and it was a mistake,” Meyer said.

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Meyer was asked whether he was concerned about the same kind of error occurring in an important game down the stretch.

“Concerned, irate — all of the above,” Meyer said. “And it’s not the person (official) on the field — those are snap judgements. … I still to this day don’t understand how that happens (with the replay official then getting it wrong). But that’s for the higher-ups to figure out.

“But, yeah, of course — concern is probably not strong enough.”

The Buckeyes’ other starting cornerback, Damon Arnette, was ejected for targeting in the second half for a high hit on sliding Maryland quarterback Max Bortenschlager. No flag was thrown on the field, but the replay official ruled the hit was targeting. Meyer said Saturday night he had no problem with that call.

Since Ward’s infraction occurred in the first half, he will be able to play the entire game at Nebraska on Saturday night. Arnette will have to sit out the first half.