When Ohio State hosts Penn State in what is shaping up to be the national game of the week Saturday, the Buckeyes’ uniform will be a study in gray.

The program finally unveiled officially Monday what has been rumored for a while, Ohio State will go with an alternate uniform for the match, just as it did with an almost all-black motif in 2015 the last time the Nittany Lions came to town. This time, as the photos reveal, the emphasis will be on the gray scale of the Buckeyes’ official scarlet and gray colors.

It will include a gray helmet with a camouflage design topped by multiple scarlet scarlet buckeye leaves.

The jersey will be all gray, but with a scarlet block of logo on the front of the neck line. The numbers will be in a darker shade of gray, and the stripes on the sleeves will be differing shades of gray.

The pants will be a lighter gray, like the bulk of the jersey, with darker gray stripes. Socks will be gray, and bear a camouflage pattern much like the helmet.

But again, just in case folks thought the Nike designers forgot about the scarlet side of things, the shoes will be that color.

The Buckeyes have used an alternate uniform for at least one game per season dating back to the late 2000s. It is a practice used by most schools, brought on by Oregon’s prolific use of multiple alternate uniforms which started in the 1990s.

While Ohio State’s alternate uniforms usually have been an homage to a team or era from the program’s past, this version -- much like the nearly all black motif -- appears to be an exercise in whimsy.