Take the tried and true, add a new spin, and an old play can look modern.

Michigan State rolled out a refurbished one during its win last week over Penn State. Considering that it involves the use of a couple of tight ends, and considering the way the Iowa offense ripped the Ohio State defense with tight end plays last week, the Buckeyes had better keep an eye out for this one.

Call it “Double Y gap right, waggle right, Y up and out” because there are two tight ends to the right, the outboard of them on the line gapped out from the right tackle, with the second tight end off the line in the gap — the new spin.

Michigan State used this for a big gain, and one reason was because of deception. Look again: The wide receiver to the right is also up on the line, making the outboard tight end an ineligible receiver. Not that it mattered. That tight end blocked down on the defensive end while gap tight end Matt Dotson went into the flat and then turned upfield open because no Penn State defender checked him.

Two distractions threw off the defense. The first was receiver Darrell Stewart going in motion from the left flank and continuing across to the right after the snap. The other was the “waggle” fake by quarterback Brian Lewerke to LJ Scott before Lewerke rolled right and threw to the unchecked Dotson.

Ohio State found out last week that letting a tight end roam unchecked into the secondary is not a good thing.



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