You know the rules: Buckeyes go down, I go radio silent and give the hyenas more room to work the carrion. Get at it, then.

Editor: Looking on the bright side:

We did not give up any points with our kicking game. We will not make the playoffs and get embarrassed again. Coach Meyer will not have the expense of going to New York with J.T. Barrett for the presentation of the Heisman.

Hopefully, we can locate a defense before this week's game.

Ken Shepherd, Gahanna

Editor: Here is the latest fake news story: Ohio State is a well-coached elite football program that recruits five-star athletes. Elite football programs do not get blown out by 5-3 teams.

I don’t recall games where Alabama is getting blown out like this. Embarrassed three times in the last 10 games is very troubling in my book.

Mickey Geslak, Lewis Center

Ray: We run wide when we want. We throw deep down the middle when we want. And we quit when we're down by a touchdown. Unbelievable.

Michael Woitovich, Hilliard

Editor: So much for preseason polls, top-flight recruiting classes and domination of mediocre opponents. If the Buckeyes had a quarter of the guts and determination of the Iowa Hawkeyes, they would be playing for a national championship this January.

It’s pretty sad when one team’s desire to win a single game totally eclipses another team’s desire for greatness. I wish OSU luck finding meaning in the remaining games, regardless of a possible Big Ten championship.

Steve Hemingway, Tampa, Fla.

Ray: Ohio State football makes me sick. It goes to show you that unless you’re Alabama or Clemson, getting four- or five-star recruits don’t mean Jack squat. I want football players. This is the most undisciplined football team I’ve ever seen.

We’re being outcoached every single week. I want to go back to the days where we have a stud middle linebacker and a horse in the backfield that carries the ball 25 times a game. I will be so glad when this year is over. Once again, another underachieving Buckeye team. GUTLESS.

Jack Boyer, Dublin

Ray: Two thoughts: First, Urban Meyer needs to find a couple of young, hungry, innovative coaches to be his offensive and defensive coordinators.

Second: Two, or maybe three, of the Power Five conferences will not have teams in the CFP — which means that, within five years, there will be an eight-team playoff made up of the Power Five conference champs and three wild-cards.

Michael Lucas, Columbus

Editor: Urban Meyer is 68-8 in five-plus years. In five of those losses, we were driving for the tying or winning scores on the last series. Yes, we’ve had a few games get away from us, most recently this year. But college football is changing and there are reasons why.

Take the Clemson game. We lost nine players early to the draft and Clemson kept their stars who could have come out early. Imagine if we kept Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, Michael Thomas, and one or two of our DBs.

Kentucky and Duke get all of the five-star players in basketball, and they don’t win every year. We are so spoiled and don’t appreciate what we have. National championships take a lot of luck; even Alabama doesn’t win every year.

Kids come to us to play in the NFL. I am OK with that. One national championship and another playoff appearance in the first three years works for me.

Jeff Black, Pickerington

Editor: I was disappointed but not surprised to see J.T. Barrett return to his “big game” dud self. Despite impressive statistics, J.T. continues his four-year run of inexplicable pathetic performances.

I am glad I wasn’t one of the many people that voiced the fact that they were eating crow after the stellar comeback against Penn State, because I would be puking that up this week. I maintain although very talented, J.T. is not a top-tier QB.

Jeff Guagenti, Westerville

Ray: We have four- or five-star talent at each position, win most recruiting battles, supposedly have one of the top coaches in college football, and have college or NFL head-coaching experience at the coordinators’ positions. How could things not be set up for Ohio State to make a run at the playoff?

The answer is simple when I watch them. We have way too many individuals, and not nearly enough team-type players. They do not play for each other, which is evident with the amount of stupid penalties each week. In short, I believe we need more Ohio talent sprinkled into this roster.

When Urban Meyer went undefeated in 2012 with lesser talent, his roster was approximately 65 percent from Ohio. Now Ohio State is sitting at 47 percent Ohio players (and many don’t play vital roles).

I realize the goal is to get the best possible talent, but I believe a three-star kid who grew up in Ohio loving the Buckeyes, and dreamed of playing here, could possibly offset that small talent gap a lot of the time.

Bill Appolloni, Powell

Ray: Congratulations to Dom Tiberi for picking the score for the Iowa-Ohio State game so closely. But he mixed the teams up: It was Iowa 55 and the grossly overranked Buckeyes 24.

Jim Burke, Dublin