For the greatest running play of the season, Ohio State didn’t just go back to the drawing board, it went back to the draw.

Illinois might have to face it Saturday at Ohio Stadium. But at the urging of offensive line coach Greg Studrawa, the Buckeyes rolled out the oldie to spring Mike Weber on an 82-yard touchdown run that put Michigan State away a week ago.

Let’s call it “spread pistol draw trap.” As is usually the case on such a run, there was great execution by the offensive line, with one block in particular that kicked open the gate.

Before that, though, quarterback J.T. Barrett had spread the field with two receivers to each side. Lined up at pistol depth, Barrett had Weber in the cocked position to his right. It’s a formation opponents have seen uncounted times from the Buckeyes, who are trying to force the defense to give them favorable numbers in the tackle box while they run a zone-read, or a drop-back pass or sprint with Weber providing extra pass protection.

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This time, Barrett faked the pass and handed to Weber on the draw. Up front, left guard Michael Jordan had come off a double-team with center Billy Price on the MSU nose tackle and stepped right to attack the middle linebacker in the hole with a trap block.

Weber nestled in behind Jordan and saw wide-open spaces after the safety had bitten on the pass fake. As Weber said, he was never touched. All he had to do was run.


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