J.T. Barrett said he didn’t get a good look at the culprit. For the sake of the person who did bump the quarterback’s knee on the sideline Saturday at the start of Ohio State’s 31-20 victory over Michigan, he better hope no one does.

Especially Urban Meyer. “Someone on your frickin’ sideline and you hurt your quarterback,” the angry Ohio State coach said on Saturday.

“We’ll find out who that was. It’s an all-out investigation.” Barrett was warming up before Ohio State’s first possession when someone bumped into his right knee.

A video taken by a fan in the stands shows Barrett warming up on the sidelines before he was bumped into. You see several cameramen walk in and out of the frame.

@TeamJTBarrett Had some video of JT warming up seconds before the camera incident dont know if itll help pic.twitter.com/6Ma5xITzyB

— Damian Johnson (@DamianJ48531885) November 27, 2017

Another video obtained by TMZ Sports was taken seconds after the incident. Barrett wasn't the only player inadvertently injured by a cameraman at the game against Michigan. Buckeyes running back Mike Weber shared a photo of an injury on Snapchat.

Apparently Mike Weber was also dinged up by a camera guy on Saturday in Ann Arbor. Was told this happened during the game.

Michigan’s sideline situation is without question the tightest/most uncomfortable of any B1G stadiums I’ve worked in. pic.twitter.com/mZoZRvS8FH

— Jeremy Birmingham (@Birm) November 27, 2017

Barrett revealed that he has played with a meniscus issue since the season opener against Indiana. Normally, when his knee twists, he said, he’s able to pop it back into place and play normally.

That’s what he did for the first 2½ quarters Saturday until he got hit on a 10-yard scramble. Because of the earlier bump, his knee swelled to the point that he couldn’t pop it back into place.

On Monday, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer labeled quarterback J.T. Barrett as “probable” for Saturday’s Big Ten championship game against Wisconsin. But just in case, Meyer and everyone else on the team knows redshirt freshman Dwayne Haskins Jr. is up to the task.

Haskins entered with the Buckeyes trailing 20-14, hit a key third-down pass to Austin Mack, scrambled for a big gain and went on to lead the Buckeyes to 17 unanswered points and the sixth straight win over the Wolverines. Meyer said Barrett has responded well to treatment on his right knee, which has a meniscus (cartilage) problem that, when torqued a certain way, causes the knee to lock up. “He’s doing a nice job with all the rehab,” Meyer said.

The evaluation of Barrett will continue through the week, especially in terms of his mobility, which is a major part of his game. “It’s too early to tell” whether it will be impaired, Meyer said. “That’s what this week’s for. But those are all things we’ve taken into consideration."

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