In the not-too-distant future, Kelsey Mitchell will have 3,000 points for her Ohio State career.

She has the NCAA three-point record, Ohio State’s career scoring record, a pair of Big Ten player of the year awards and has been a part of five NCAA Tournament wins.

What the senior guard doesn’t have, she said Thursday, is a strong track record against Cincinnati, her hometown school.

Perhaps the former Ohio Ms. Basketball was being overly critical of her two performances against the Bearcats — in which she averaged 19.5 points and shot 46.2 percent from the field — but she didn’t look back fondly on the games on the eve of Ohio State’s game Sunday against Cincinnati at St. Ursula Academy.

“I don’t know what it is, or what they have on me, but I was just joking with my mom about it,” Mitchell said Thursday. “She said, ‘Why would you say that?’ I said, ‘Because it’s the truth.’ But hopefully we can set the tone early in that game, too, and I’d be happy to see everyone that I haven’t seen in awhile.”

The game will serve as a homecoming for Kelsey and her twin, Chelsea, both of whom graduated from Cincinnati Princeton in 2014.

“In regards to the friends that used to come watch me play and I grew up with, it’s always a celebration when we come back and we have a little fun and do a lot of catching up,” Kelsey Mitchell said.

For the Buckeyes as a whole, Sunday’s game is one more opportunity to experience live action before Big Ten play, and on short rest. The No. 13 Buckeyes (10-2) defeated Dartmouth 103-70 on Friday night.

“It’s tough. It’s a big in-state rivalry game with UC and it’s on the road, so we have to make sure (Saturday practice is) really good,” Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff said Friday. “We have to get prepared and we don’t have a lot of time and we played hard tonight and expended some energy, so we won’t be able to go real hard (Saturday) or real long, so we’re gonna have to be really good mentally.”

The Big Ten season, in which the Buckeyes are favored to come out on top, will require added poise. With a target on its back, Ohio State will get most teams’ best, starting with a game Dec. 28 at Nebraska.

“It’s not a pretty game all the time,” Mitchell said Thursday. “We’ve got a lot of great teams in this conference that are aggressive, that like to make it scrappy, so if we can get these two games (against Dartmouth and Cincinnati) under our belts in an aggressive way, when we come back, that mindset will already be set.”