After beating No. 1 Michigan State on Sunday evening, Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann’s postgame press conference stretched beyond 20 minutes for the first time this year. Roughly 24 hours later, Holtmann took to the airwaves for his weekly call-in show.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights.

*Kam Williams’ overall effort against Michigan State was noted. In addition to some timely baskets, the guard had four defensive rebounds.

“I think in a lot of ways he’s been key to this stretch of play,” Holtmann said. “He was so important in the Iowa game as well. He’s been important for us, the last three weeks I’ve sensed he’s gotten a lot of confidence. He dug a few balls out on the defensive glass, which were really important for us. He’s got to be a guy that competes on the defensive end. Guys have tried to attack him the last couple years and he’s got to continue to compete at that level. He’s got to stay locked and loaded at all times, and at the same time don’t take poor ones but be really aggressive.

Holtmann also offered some significant praise for the fifth-year senior.

“When he has that time and space, he’s as good and as accurate of a shooter as I’ve coached,” he said.

*Holtmann took a submitted question asking what his message was entering the Michigan State game to have them prepared.

“I think like any game, we really focused specifically on what this game was going to require from us,” he said. “The job responsibilities of everybody on the team, the expectations for us going into this. Beyond that, we didn’t get real dramatic in terms of, ‘This is what has to happen.’ We did show them a couple edits on game day of some teams that had defended them with energy and purpose. That was good for the guys to see.”

*Holtmann said he likes what he’s been getting from Kaleb Wesson and that he liked what he got from Micah Potter against the Spartans, even though Potter was sidelined with four fouls in four minutes.

“(Kaleb’s) been great,” he said. “I do think he’s learning from some of that. He’s a big guy. He draws attention from the officials because of his size. Micah struggled with foul trouble yesterday but I really liked Micah’s aggressiveness. I thought he got a couple calls that could’ve gone either way. Kaleb struggled from the field yesterday but some of that had to do with their physicality and we’ve got to work on getting him in some deeper post position.”

*Is Holtmann surprised about starting Big Ten play 4-0?

“It would be disingenuous to say I’m not surprised,” he said. “I knew the addition of Keita would be a boost to our team. We have a lot of unanswered questions. What is our consistent guard play going to be like? We’re going to get knocked around in the big ten and now we handle adversity is going to be (important).”

*Holtmann took a question about Scoonie Penn’s impact on the staff since being added to the staff as director of player development.

“Scoonie’s been great,” he said. “Those that know him, everybody universally loves him for his contribution to this program and his outstanding play. He’s one of the all-time greats here. Scoonie, I’ve been blessed. We have an outstanding staff and I brought three outstanding assistants with me from butler and they are terrific. I think when I got here, what I was looking for is potentially a connection point to the alumni base to those that someone that knew the university. Scoonie gives us a connection point to the alumni. He’s got a great enthusiasm for the university and our program. The role that he’s in, it’s naturally very limited. There’s a lot of former players in a role similar to them. He cannot do any coaching on the floor. I think he’s been able to learn. He’s been great with his enthusiasm and his ideas and his energy. He’s really connected with the rest of the staff, too.”

Holtmann said Penn spoke with him the day of his inaugural press conference and asked about a job on staff. Holtmann said he spoke with athletic director Gene Smith about the possibility and that while he didn’t necessarily feel he needed a former player on staff, he needed the right fit and “he’s certainly been that.”

Holtmann also drew an analogy, when discussing Penn’s East Coast toughness, to 2018 signee Luther Muhammad.

*On Maryland: “They’re one of the very best teams in the Big Ten. They’re a legitimate tournament team. Their backcourt is as gifted and talented as pretty much anywhere in the country. They’ve got great size and energy. It is a really, really significant game for us. I’m anxious to see how we respond.”

*Against Michigan State, Holtmann said he made the decision to only trap Nick Ward instead of always trapping the post. Holtmann said he had assistant to the head coach Mike Netti look at how Ward had handled post traps and where he had committed his turnovers.

*Holtmann was asked for an unsung hero on the roster.

“I think C.J. (Jackson) and Andrew Dakich has both been guys,” he said. “C.J.’s quieter than Andrew, but most guys are quieter than Andrew. JT’s our most vocal guy. Kam has his moments and Keita, but I think C.J. and Andrew have both been guys that have given us great leadership moments.”

*He also said he approved of both shots Andre Wesson took against the Spartans.

“His one in the second half, if he turns that down I’m going to be upset with him,” he said. “The first one was OK, but he was being aggressive. I didn’t have any issue. The thing Andre’s bringing to us right now is when he’s locked in he’s got a really good awareness for things defensively and he’s also a really good ball handler. He’ll make open shots for us. I think he really brings other things that help our team win. That’s why despite what he’s shooting from the field he’s an important part for our team.”