A multi-sport athlete in his time, Matt Clement knows a thing or two about the pressures of being a prized high school player. With an eye on playing collegiate basketball at Lafayette, Clement instead went through a three-month self-evaluation process that ultimately led to him deciding to play professional baseball right out of high school.

It was the start of a career that would last nine years in Major League Baseball, but it was child’s play compared to what his star sophomore, Ethan Morton, is dealing with these days.

“That craziness I had for three months is like times 10 right now and it’s only his sophomore year,” Clement told The Dispatch. “It’s a pretty steady stream. There are certain schools, and the majority of the Big Ten, that are in contact with me 2-3 times a week and coming here once every 2-3 weeks.”

Morton is the point guard for Butler (Pa.) Area despite having grown nearly two inches from when he began high school. He’s now 6-6, Clement said, with a 6-11 wingspan that allows him to work as the point man in a zone press and score past similar-sized defenders.

247Sports.com ranks him as a four-star prospect, the No. 3 overall prospect from Pennsylvania, the No. 18 point guard in the nation and the No. 58 overall prospect. Clement described Morton as a classic point guard, even if his size allows his coach to play him on the block to take advantage of mismatches.

“He’s a pass-first point guard who can score,” Clement said. “He’s not a pass-first point guard that can only pass and somebody you leave open. He’s had four or five games over 30 points this year, so he can score also. He’s most comfortable running an offense and setting other people up. I set a lot of ball screens for him because he’s so good in the pick-and-roll stuff because he can make you pay. He elevates on his jump shot.”

It’s attracted him to a number of schools including Ohio State. Clement said he had taken note of Butler during Morton’s freshman season and through it might be a good system for him, and that interest intensified after Chris Holtmann took the Ohio State job in June.

Since then, Morton has landed an offer from the Buckeyes and unofficially visited campus at least twice. While on fall unofficial visits, Clement said Morton has been far more interested in watching basketball practice and spending one-on-one time with the coaching staff than watching football games.

Most recently, he was among more than a dozen recruits to take in Sunday’s win against No. 1 Michigan State at Value City Arena. He declined to comment on his recruitment, citing his focus on his team and his season.

“I don’t know what kid in the world wouldn’t have enjoyed that experience on Sunday,” said Clement, who did not make the trip with him. “I mean, crazy crowd, sitting right behind the bench, getting to see the No. 1 team in the country and getting to see them get upset, and not just upset but beat, he had a great time.”

With plenty of time left in Morton’s high school career, Clement said he’s not in any hurry to pick a school or create a list. In addition to about “75 percent” of the Big Ten, as Clement put it, Virginia, Vanderbilt and Syracuse have been involved. So, too, have been the likes of Yale and Stanford – after his freshman year, Morton was first in his class academically.

Ohio State’s level of interest has been “very high,” Clement said.

“They weren’t one of the first ones that called, but since they called they’re definitely interested in him and I’ve been very respectful of getting to know (Holtmann) and coach (Ryan) Pedon a little bit through this process,” he said. “Obviously what they’re doing right now is incredible, coming in late into a situation and how well they’re running their system without players they’ve brought in on their own. Butler was a school that was on my mind to be interested so when they went to Ohio State and they called and I put that all together, it’s a school that has been very, very interested.

“It makes sense that they’re interested and Ethan has liked what he’s seen when he’s been there, that’s for sure.”