One day after Selection Sunday and three days before Ohio State opens the NCAA Tournament against South Dakota State, Buckeyes coach Chris Holtmann hosted his weekly call-in show.

If you couldn’t listen, here are the highlights from the hour-long show.

*Ohio State started scouting up to a dozen potential opponents last week without knowing who it would play in the NCAA Tournament. Sunday night, Holtmann said he watched 2 ½ South Dakota State games and then maybe four more Monday morning.

“That’s also on top of talking to coaches that have played them,” Holtmann said. “I just talked to a high-major coach who said the (Mike) Daum kid is the closest thing to Larry Bird since Larry bird. I talked to an NBA scout who said he’s the best player he’s seen this year.”

*Holtmann took a submitted question asking about the Jackrabbits.

“They’re really talented,” he said. “They have a freshman guard who’s outstanding. Their personnel is really good. When you have an NBA player on your front line where they play everyone through, it elevates everyone’s game. They have more experience playing in this thing than we do. That’s good for them.”

When asked to compare South Dakota State to a Big Ten team, Holtmann replied with “The Team Up North” in terms of personnel and how they play and spread teams out.

*Ohio State’s success this season has helped from a recruiting standpoint.

“There’s always a wait-and-see approach (with a new coach),” he said. “We were very clear with our guys, and our recruits knew coming into this season there’s some work to do. They’ve been really happy, both our signees and our other kids. We’ve gotten really good feedback. To be able to say you’re playing in the NCAA tournament in year one is a selling point.”

The Buckeyes signed four players in the class of 2018.

“Duane Washington is the only one still playing,” he said. “The other ones have gotten beat. I’m really excited about this class. We have to put good class after good class after good class together. It’s hard to recover from one or two or three poor recruiting classes. Unfortunately we had that one class that transferred out. It’s hard to recover from that. It’s going to take a little bit of time, but that’s the challenge.”

*The chance to play in the NCAA Tournament doesn’t seem to have been lost on Holtmann.

“I just had lunch with a guy who was let go (as a coach),” he said. “I invited him up and said I’d love to spend some time with you. I talked with Tim Miles this morning at Nebraska. He’s seen these guys (the Jackrabbits) and I was picking his brain on some things.”

*Holtmann reported a clean injury report.

*During the week off, Holtmann reiterated that the focus for the Buckeyes was on trying to reestablish some habits rather than reinvent how the team plays.

“It was a good week,” he said. “I did feel like we wore down as the season went on. It’s good to get a little bit refreshed, but our guys are ready. They’re excited about playing somebody.”

*One caller asked if Holtmann had considered the chance of facing Michigan in the Elite Eight.

“Could Jim (Jackson) come out of retirement and suit up if we got to that point?” he joked. “I don’t know if I even know what region we’re in. I just know who we play, and we’re going to Boise, and we play at 4.”

*Holtmann said he doesn’t think he’s ever been to Boise, Idaho, before. Ohio State will practice off-site and do some walk-through work and specific game-plan stuff before the open public practice.

*Asked specifically about Andre Wesson, Holtmann said he’s playing with more confidence.

“Let’s not forget now, when you take, he couldn’t do anything for three months,” he said. “Couldn’t bounce a ball, couldn’t run a lap, couldn’t do anything for three months. You look how he looks now and it’s like night and day. I just think that Andre, he’s got a great IQ, understands how to play, is skilled. He was turning the ball over early in the season and wasn’t taking very good shots and he’s kind of gotten into a rhythm now.

“Defensively he’s got to continue to fight and scrap. He’s going to have an important role on Thursday for sure.”

Holtmann said he worked alongside assistant coach Ryan Pedon in helping Wesson refine his shot selection. It's the first time Holtmann has coached brothers.

"We love those guys," he said. "We probably won't room them together any more. They can be on Wesson Time."

*Scoonie Penn has shared his experiences from having been in the NCAA Tournament, and so has assistant coach Terry Johnson, who has been to multiple Final Fours.

*Ohio State is on spring break now, which makes things a little bit easier on the players.

“We went today at 1, started lifting and had a pretty full afternoon with them,” he said. “It works out good so the guys don’t have to miss class this week and hopefully we’ll give them a chance to miss class next week.”