Binge watching is the new trend? Bah. Long before millennials began gorging on reruns of “The Office,” basketball fans were drying out their eyeballs watching the NCAA Tournament.

But just in case you missed a few episodes, we catch you up with the ABCs of March Madness.

A is for Ayton, Deandre. Catch him while you can, because the 7-foot-1 Arizona freshman is a lock to leave for the NBA, where he’ll get paid … legally.

B is for Boise. Ohio State opens the tournament as a No. 5 seed Thursday against No. 12 South Dakota State. Beware, Buckeyes. Only twice in the past 18 years have No. 5s shut out No. 12s.

C is for Charles. As in Barkley. As in more entertaining than most of the No. 1 vs. No. 16 games.

D is for disaster. Typically, what happens to my bracket by the time the second round rolls around.

E is for elephant. Alabama’s mascot. Keep an eye on the pachyderms, who will make a surprisingly deep run.

F is for football school. The last one to win a hoops title was Florida in 2007, when the Gators defeated another football power, Ohio State.

G is for Grayson Allen. The Duke guard gives new meaning to pop-a-shot. Some guys like the jump hook. Others the long ball. Grayson prefers the cheap shot during “trips” down the floor.

H is for hotspot. Make sure you have access to an Internet backup plan so you’re not left hanging when the Wi-Fi goes down and your upset special leads by one with three seconds left.

I is for Icarus. Similar to the Ancient Greek story, more than a few arrogant lower seeds will fly too close to the bright lights only to come crashing back to earth.

J is for justice. If there is any, Oklahoma gets blown out by Rhode Island. I’m still stunned the Sooners (18-13, 8-10 in the Big 12) got invited to the Dance.

K is for killer instinct. Cincinnati and Michigan have it. Not sure about North Carolina and Villanova.

L is for limping in. Texas Tech went from hot to not, losing four straight after senior guard Keenan Evans hurt his toe. But if Evans can run, the Red Raiders can make a run.

M is for money. The NCAA will pocket a cool $1 billion in TV ad revenue alone. In the unlikely event you would ever feel sorry for the fat-cat organization, don’t.

N is for national championship game. My pick: Kansas over Kentucky.

O is for oh-no … oh-yes. What you say when a player hoists an off-balance shot from 23 feet — and it goes in.

P is for pen. What to use when filling out a bracket. No pencils allowed. Go big or go home.

Q is for quirky nicknames. Leading the way are Shockers (Wichita State), Boilermakers (Purdue), Crimson Tide (Alabama), Hokies (Virginia Tech), Bonnies (St. Bonaventure), Highlanders (Radford), Horned Frogs (Texas Christian), Retrievers (Maryland-Baltimore County) and Tar Heels (North Carolina).

R is for rebounding margin. Michigan State leads the nation at plus-10.4, which is why I like Sparty to make the Elite Eight before falling to Kansas.

S is for sofa. Where many butts will be planted over the coming weeks.

T is for Thad Matta. Georgia reportedly is on the mind of the former Ohio State coach.

U is for ugly. What you’ll look like in the mirror after watching too much basketball.

V is for vulgarities. Cover your kids’ ears — and maybe their eyes, if they’re good at reading lips — when the microphones and cameras zoom in on West Virginia coach Bob Huggins.

W is for Wright State. The Fairborn-based school makes the field but Dayton doesn’t? Flyers fans must be apoplectic about this. Raiders fans are reveling in it.

X is for X marks the spot. Some player will hit a winning basket from a spot on the floor that will be memorialized forever in school lore.

Y is for Yikes. As in, “Yikes, don’t look now but Southern California, Louisville and Oklahoma State were all snubbed by the NCAA selection committee; and all three are involved in the federal investigation of college basketball.”

Z is for zebras. The less you see of them the better.