Ray: It’s time to pull the plug on Ohio State women’s basketball coach Kevin McGuff. He has done worse than Jim Foster and they show no sense of a winning program. They play no defense, they feature a look-at-me player but can’t accept when they aren’t on their game.

Foster’s teams at least played defense, rebounded and passed the ball — of which now there is none. UConn is the best of the best but I see them playing defense, passing the ball and looking for each other. None of that is going on here.

How long are we going to pay him a major-college coach salary and accept subpar play? I’m normally the last to say fire a coach, but I see no reason to hold back.

Garen Eggleston, Galloway

Garen: I’m not sure it’s quite time to clean house, but I agree wholeheartedly that defense has to be the foundation of any successful basketball program, and it doesn’t seem to be here. All the cool kids do it, none more so than Connecticut.

Editor: Two words: Thank you. These words go out to Kelsey Mitchell, Stephanie Mavunga, Linnae Harper, Asia Doss, Alexa Hart and the rest of the Ohio State women’s basketball team.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching these ladies and the rest of the team over the years. They have become role models and inspirations to the generation of young basketball players (girls and boys) who will come behind them.

Mitchell finishes her collegiate career as not only one of the best players ever for Ohio State but in all of women’s basketball, and she did it with a quiet confidence that inspired her team and brought fear to her opponents.

Mavunga owned the paint, and the way she played had me constantly telling my daughter “see how perfectly she did that?” in hopes that she will emulate that passion during her own games.

While (Monday’s) loss was hard and will hurt for a while, these women gave it their all during their time here, and I don’t think that anyone who ever saw them play will look at the women’s game the same way. Good luck in all that you do and thank you from a grateful Buckeye Nation.

Elisha Cofer, Worthington

Elisha: Feel free to look at the glass as half-full, but it’s hard not to think this team underachieved, especially with their apparent lack of mental acuity against a No. 11 seed. Doesn’t mean they’re not great kids, but still.

Ray: Up until about 10 years ago, I would have agreed with you about hot dogs on pizza (Mailbox, last Sunday).

Then we discovered a marvelous recipe using hot dogs, mustard, sauerkraut and two different cheeses. It is now our go-to meal for the Super Bowl.

Would be glad to send you the recipe if interested.

Thanks for the great Sports section!

Thom Shuman, Columbus

Thom: Sure, send it along, though I will say upfront that I remain skeptical. Who knew the Mailbox would turn into Cook’s Corner?