One day short of a year to the day when he was fired as Ohio State’s men’s basketball coach, Thad Matta was back in central Ohio to accept an award. Inside the banquet room at the Medallion Club in Westerville, Matta was honored in front of roughly 100 members of the Agonis Club as their 2018 man of the year.

Proclaiming himself as feeling better than he has in a decade and sporting the hint of a grayish beard, Matta lauded the work of the Agonis Club and counted down his top 10 memories from being the coach of the Buckeyes. But first, he told a pair of anecdotes — the latter of which featured a punch line not suitable for print.

For one night, Matta was definitely back.

“I thought it was ‘man of the century,’ ” he joked with reporters before the reception.

Now a resident of the Indianapolis area, Matta said he has periodically returned to the area during the past year but that he is enjoying family life. He has been around Butler University, where his oldest daughter is a student, and was able to help out at his youngest daughter’s prom.

Linked with job openings at Mississippi and Georgia during this offseason, Matta was noncommittal on whether he has plans to return to coaching.

“The situations I was involved with this spring just weren’t right,” he said. “The time wasn’t right for me, I didn’t think, from where my family is and that sort of thing. It’s probably the first time I didn’t make a selfish decision, which I’m proud of. For the most part, if the right thing would come along maybe I’d look at it, but we’ll see what the future holds.”

Asked about his back pain, Matta said, “What I’ve found is stress is real. There’s no question about that. It’s a legit disease.”

That sentiment fell in line with his thoughts on following his former players as well as the sport. Matta said he probably didn’t watch a single college basketball game from start to finish last year but said his phone would inevitably ring each night until 1 a.m. as friends in the coaching profession would call him to discuss their games.

When Chris Holtmann was hired as his replacement, Matta said he offered him some insight: “I said, ‘You’re going to have a heck of a basketball team this year and nobody knows it,’ ” Matta said.

As he recalled moments from Matt Sylvester’s game-winning shot against Illinois to wins against the likes of Wisconsin and Michigan State on senior day, Matta conceded that wins loom larger than losses now that he is out of coaching. Former Ohio State players Clark Kellogg, Ron Stokes, Matt Marinchick, Jon Diebler and Mark Titus were among those in the crowd.

The accomplishments, too, have started to mean more now too.

“When I was moving, I was cleaning my office out of my house,” he said. “I called my wife in one night and I said, ‘You know, I accomplished quite a bit as a coach. I had no idea.’ ”