Ray: I saw the latest list of Ohio State football recruits (in Friday’s paper). It seems strange to call the team the Ohio State Buckeyes when most of the recruits are from somewhere else.

So is Urban Meyer unable to recruit the top talent in Ohio or does he just choose not to?

Mickey Geslak, Lewis Center

Mickey: So, was that hollow cheering when Dwayne Haskins Jr. (from Maryland) completed a key third-and-long pass to Austin Mack (Indiana) that set up a touchdown run by J.K. Dobbins (Texas) to give OSU the lead against Michigan last year? It seems to me the man recruits the most talented players to get the job done, no matter where they’re from.

Editor: Had LeBron James stayed with the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2010 through 2014, no doubt they would have had a better record than they did.

Also, no doubt, they wouldn’t have won a championship in 2016 because the Cavs would not have had a No. 1 pick in three of those four years. They would not have Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love (whom they got by trading Andrew Wiggins).

In retrospect, we should thank LeBron for leaving as well as for returning to Cleveland.

Bill Frew, Johnstown

Bill: I suppose that’s an optimistic view of things, though I’m guessing it would have been a hard-knock life to be a Cavs fan when they went 97-215 in the four years James was in Miami. I guess that’s why there are always seats available on the bandwagon.

Editor: So Artemi Panarin possibly does not like Columbus, and so doesn’t want to be with the Jackets long term.

But there is Mark Letestu, who has a house here and wants to play for Columbus. No, he isn’t the same quality of player as Panarin, but he is a good fourth-line center. I think he’s a lot better than Lucas Sedlak, for instance.

So why don’t the Jackets sign Mark Letestu to stay with our club?

Sandra Bertrand, Columbus

Sandra: With all due respect to Mark Letestu, there is steak and there is meatloaf. It doesn’t mean I don’t like meatloaf, but … Also, the Jackets haven’t said they don’t want to re-sign Letestu, though in this case inaction may be louder than words.

Ray: I was taken aback by the (Wednesday) article about former NFL receiver Terrell Owens’ decision to not attend the traditional Hall of Fame induction. Instead, he plans to celebrate the occasion in Chattanooga.

I think his entire football career has been about celebrating. Is it deserving of his qualifying? The only “rule” I saw involved being retired from the NFL for at least five years. Perhaps the Hall should establish more stringent rules for eligibility, starting with something like, “Must have reflected credit to the game of football.”

Don Denton, Westerville

Don: There isn’t a Hall of Fame anywhere that doesn’t include at least a couple of clowns. Owens is eighth in NFL history in receptions, and everyone eligible ahead of him is inducted in Canton. And he is second in career yards behind Jerry Rice. Sounds worthy to me.