Ray: In response to Mickey Geslak’s letter (Mailbox, last Sunday), Urban Meyer is getting the top talent in Ohio, just not enough of it.

We have pride in the talent that Ohio always produces in football and it is frustrating when Meyer passes on some. You guys in the media never hold Urban accountable, like passing on Jake Butt for Marcus Baugh.

The 2014 national championship team had 15 starters from Ohio and the majority of them were recruited by Jim Tressel or Luke Fickell. Meyer’s recruits have not won a championship but got whipped by Clemson and Iowa.

Frank Little, Columbus

Frank: Just curious: How did you feel about those Tressel recruits from Ohio when they got their doors blown off by SEC speedsters Florida and LSU in consecutive years? Recruiting in Ohio is a tricky business, and I suppose we have to take Meyer at his word when he says ties go to the Ohio kids.

Ray: It’s nice to see the fan base returning to Progressive Field to support the Cleveland Indians. With LeBron James gone and, well, the Browns still there, the attendance at Indians games should continue to increase.

They actually had consecutive sellouts in the series against Oakland. And I thought the only sellout in Cleveland this summer was LeBron …

Tom Cole, Etna

Tom: There must have been some giveaways last weekend, because all three Ohio Cup games drew around 22,000 — way better than the old Municipal Stadium days, but nothing like the late-1990s in Jacobs Field, either.

Ray: I am trying to lighten things up after the Stormy Thursday we had in Columbus.

I am a scratch golfer (I scratch my head after hitting the ball, and say, what the … ) but I do watch the professionals on the tube. I have noticed that the scores are getting so low, the game is becoming boring to watch.

Players shooting in the low 60s is now the norm, and I believe someday a player will score a 59.

Also, when a golfer hits a bad shot, the commentator will try to add drama by telling the viewer that he has a tough up and down. Of course, the golfer will make a great shot.

Chris Beale, London

Chris: I’ll go one better on your prediction: I’ll bet you a range ball signed by Al Geiberger that someone, someday will shoot 58. As for low scores, you may not see many this week, especially if the winds are whipping off the North Sea at Carnoustie.


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