Take a look back at Urban Meyer's career and legacy at Ohio State

Urban Meyer: A great coach, a complex legacy

Football coaches at all levels — from the smallest high schools all the way to the NFL — are hired and fired for one principal reason: their ability to win games.

A coach can churn out model citizens by the dozens and generate untold charm and enthusiasm on the offseason rubber-chicken circuit, but if his teams don’t get it done between the lines in the fall, he’ll find himself in the unemployment line come winter.

By those measures, at least, Urban Meyer is one of the most successful coaches in college football to ever drape a whistle around his neck.

Urban Meyer retrospective | The long road home to Ohio State

It was fourth-and-10 at his Florida team’s 15-yard line, Urban Meyer’s Gators having blown a big lead to find themselves trailing in the 2006 Southeastern Conference championship game midway through the third quarter. Or as Meyer remembered, it was the moment of truth for him as a head coach.

Rob Oller | Urban Meyer handled ‘our rival’ like no other coach

Ohio State football is a multifaceted behemoth that sparks the interest of fans in ways silly (Brutus), serious (win-loss records) and sacrosanct (TBDBITL).

That said, only two things really matter to Buckeye Nation: winning national championships and beating Michigan. Urban Meyer has done both, and although he will be remembered long term for both achievements, going 7-0 against TTUN will stand as his most lasting legacy.

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