The Ohio State board of trustees will vote Thursday to approve recommendations for men’s basketball tickets for the 2019-20 season.

The proposal, which was released Monday, calls for the university to retain variable ticket pricing based on the classification of opponent and will not see any ticket prices increase compared to the 2018-19 season while some will be slightly cheaper.

The agenda recommends that Ohio State prices individual games into the following categories: exhibition, non-conference, conference and premier, with no more than five games classified as premier. This season, four games were classified as premier: Syracuse, Michigan State, Purdue and Wisconsin.

It also calls for the university to increase arena seating price zones from four to six. For a premier opponent, Zone 1 tickets would be $57 and Zone 6 tickets would be $14.

There will be two new price zones in the lower level with slightly increased pricing, while zones in the upper level will either have prices lowered or remain the same.

The cost of student tickets will not change, remaining at $9 for all opponents for a second straight year. Current discounts on season tickets would remain: roughly 12 percent off for the public and 20 percent off for faculty and staff.

Dispatch reporter Jennifer Smola contributed to this report.