Another Meyer wants to become a college football coach.

Nate Meyer, the son of former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, will walk on to the University of Cincinnati football team in hopes of following his father’s path.

Urban Meyer was a former minor-league shortstop who walked on to the UC football team in the 1980s. Nate was a scholarship baseball player for Cincinnati. His just-completed sophomore season was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now Nate, 21 will end his baseball career to play for Luke Fickell, the former Ohio State coach and Urban Meyer assistant, with the intention of pursuing a coaching career himself.

Nate Meyer was a second-team all-state baseball player at Watterson and also played receiver for the Eagles football team.

Nate Meyer has generally kept a low profile, and the Meyer family prefers that remain the case as he pursues his new course.

"That’s been our whole family’s approach with our children in everything really," Urban Meyer told The Dispatch on Thursday. "We’re very private people and the most important people for us are our kids. Nate’s most important responsibility is to get good grades and to be a great teammate. Other than that, he has no obligation to anybody."

Urban Meyer’s sister, Gigi Escoe, is a vice provost for undergraduate studies at UC.

Meyer’s son-in-law, former Georgia Tech player Corey Dennis, was promoted this year to be Ohio State’s quarterbacks coach.