Double play-action, rip seam

Tim May

It’s tough enough on a defense when an offense shows one thing but does another. But Oregon State could be up to the double feign Saturday when its takes on Ohio State.

Making up for shortfalls athletically with formations, motions and deceptions was what new Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith practiced under the leadership of Chris Pedersen at Boise State and Washington the past several years.

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Smith has taken over a major rebuilding project in the Beavers, and considering he brought in Brian Lindgren from Colorado as his offensive coordinator, the Buckeyes would be well advised to keep their eyes open from one snap to the next.

Take this play for example — let’s call it “double play-action, rip seam” for short. Colorado ran it for an easy touchdown in its loss to Southern California last season. And it fits the mold of what Smith and Pedersen were doing at Washington.

With two receivers split right and a tight end to the left, at the snap the tight end came across the formation as if to lead a trap somewhere through the interior line. A fake handoff to the running back was the first play-action, freezing the linebackers for a moment.

The quarterback then rose to execute play-action No. 2, a fake wide screen to the slot receiver to the right. Defenders, including an inside safety, rushed to the scene, sold by the outside receiver’s move in that included what appear to show intent to block a linebacker.

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Except, at the last second, that receiver cut up the inside seam on what amounted to a skinny post route. He was open, having caught the secondary on the flip flop. After making the catch, he he raced to the easy TD.

Oregon State is a 38-point underdog, so such shenanigans can be expected to try make up the difference.


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