Ohio State football | Ryan Day, Greg Schiano break down opening win

Bill Rabinowitz
Quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. impressed acting head coach Ryan Day in leading the Buckeyes over Oregon State. [Kyle Robertson]

For the second week, acting head coach Ryan Day and defensive coordinator Greg Schiano filled in for Urban Meyer on Meyer’s radio show on 97.1 The Fan at noon Thursday.

Here are the highlights of what they said:

* Ryan Day on playing with a fast tempo on offense against Oregon State: "We talked about playing fast and we did that. The guys communicated well. If you're playing with tempo and you substitute, you slow down play. You can't spend a lot of time calling plays when you're moving fast. There's an art to it, too." Said players have to give ball to official right after they're tackled and get lined up.

* Day on quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. calling audibles and reading defenses: "He's getting better and better every week, especially with protections." Said center Michael Jordan is getting better at that, too.

* Day on Haskins before the game: "Dwayne has a great spirit about him. He's very even-keeled. He's calm but confident in himself. I know there are nerves, but he knows this is what he's meant to do — play quarterback and play at a high level."

* Day on using Ohio State’s second-team offensive line in the second quarter: "That's a huge advantage especially on a (hot) day like that."

* Day on Tate Martell's debut, especially the run and late pitch: "That was a little off the script." Said Martell has gotten more comfortable throughout practices.

* Day on freshmen running backs Brian Snead and Master Teague: "A lot of talent there. They run hard and they're strong and powerful. They're still young so they're going to make mistakes."

* Day on having Meyer back in the building: "It's great to have him back this. He's running around at practice. ... brings lot of energy."

* Day on the special teams performance vs. Oregon State: "We were solid. It was good to have coach (Meyer) back this week" making suggestions.

* Day on Rutgers' defense: Said they move a lot before the snap and is a veteran unit. "Their back end is really strong. They've probably got some NFL players there."

* Day on new NCAA rule limiting number of OSU personnel who can wear headsets: "Our communication had to be really clean. For a first game, with everything going on, communication was really good."

* Day said that with the tempo OSU is using, it's hard for any running back to go for more than six or seven plays at a time. "A fresh J.K. Dobbins or a fresh Mike Weber is huge."

* Day on the play of the OSU wide receivers: "We know it's a veteran group. I think that's another thing that helps Dwayne. A lot of playmakers in that group. You could see late in the game as we're rolling through guys, they're staying strong."

* Day said he was impressed with Ben Victor even though he didn't have any catches because of his blocking and hustle on Haskins' interception.

* Schiano said Buckeyes have and will continue to see a lot of screen passes as a way for opponents to negate OSU's defensive aggressiveness. He said Buckeyes will have to mix things up to counteract that.

* Schiano on DB Shaun Wade: Said he’s capable of playing both cornerback and safety, which is pretty rare. "He's a guy I can see getting a bigger and bigger role as time goes on."

* Schiano said Tuf Borland, who played 10 snaps last Saturday, will get more snaps on this week. Schiano said Baron Browning played well at middle linebacker.

* Schiano: "We're very very optimistic about the future of the defensive line." Tyreke Smith was in Rushmen package. Tommy Togiai and Tyler Friday also played a lot.

* Schiano said Dre'Mont Jones and Nick Bosa each played 30/31 snaps last week, all in the first half.

* Schiano on giving up big plays to Oregon State: "We have a saying on our team, it doesn't matter who is on the field. You're a starter." Said there were some third- and fourth-teamers in on long runs in 3Q.

* On first Beavers TD pass, the 49-yarder, Schiano said teams will sometimes complete that short slant. But it’s unacceptable for a receiver to be able to run free after that. Said there was a breakdown in coverage.

* Schiano on young players who caught his attention: "I thought Pete Werner did a heckuva job" starting his first game as a sophomore.

* Schiano on matching wits with Rutgers' offensive coordinator John McNulty, a former assistant under Schiano. "There is respect for sure. John is an excellent football coach. But when it comes to competition, that’s what we do. On Saturday, that friendship is on the backburner."

* Schiano on facing true freshman QB Artur Sitkowski: "I happen to know this young man from my time in NJ. Really a tough kid -- physically tough, mentally tough, a grinder. He'll be prepared. But he is young. He hasn't seen some of the things you want him to see."

* Schiano on his goal as Rutgers coach of joining the Big Ten: "A lot of people told me I was crazy to take that job in 2000. But that was one of the visions we had."

* Schiano on keys to him rebuilding Rutgers: "It always comes down to players. When we arrived, it was slim pickings." Said foundation was built at first on Florida players who didn't go to UM/UF/FSU.


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