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Nobody likes a wet locker-room floor on a rainy day, and nobody serves as a doormat for Ohio State better than the state university of New Jersey. The Buckeyes’ foul treatment of Rutgers turned 5 years old on Saturday, and the teams celebrated by OSU again smashing cake in the Scarlet Knights’ faces. Leaves are awarded on a zero-to-five basis. — Ray Stein

Offense (4)

The holes weren’t as large as the ones that the Buckeyes used for bus travel a week ago against Oregon State, but some were big enough to allow for passage by boat, which might have come into play if it had kept raining. The running backs never did bust to freedom, but the QBs barely missed.

Defense (5)

Ohio State played with a Fuller brush, man, and the junior safety’s return helped plug last week’s leaks like a can of Flex Seal. Speaking of old commercials, the defense looked as versatile as one of those old Ronco kitchen tools: They sliced, they diced, they bashed, they smashed, they crushed, they flushed! Get yours today!

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Special teams (3)

With Ohio State kickoffs again mostly reduced to fair-catch contests — and why not? — perhaps OSU can focus some energy this week on punt returns. For those scoring at home, that was three early bobbles against Rutgers, although none burned the Buckeyes. CJ Saunders and Demario McCall later atoned with sweet returns.

Coaching (4)

Bully to the offensive brass for ignoring the weather forecast and deciding to sling it deep when the occasion called for it. And here’s one guess that film study for the defense will be kinder in the coming days; someone remember to bring the doughnuts, OK? Now, can Ryan Day ace his final?

Fun (1)

Misery loves company, so they say, but it was fairly obvious that there would be plenty of elbow room in the Horseshoe on this soaky Saturday. The game had its moments, notably when little man Tate Martell made his first two splashes on the scene. But most fans were looking for an excuse to high-tail it out of there.

Opponent (1)

When it’s time for its annual thrashing at the hands of OSU, Rutgers lives by a turbocharged version of Murphy’s Law — everything that can go wrong does, only much worse. Already missing their best DB, the Knights saw their freshman QB get knocked out late in the first half — when they were trying to milk the clock!

Officiating (2)

By the letter of the law, one supposes, Chase Young earned his disqualification, although spiking the ball after recovering an apparent fumble and running onto the field to celebrate were the equivalent of basketball touch fouls. And why even have replay if they can’t see that Young’s strip sack was legit?

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