H motion right, reverse shovel

Tim May

A trick play is one thing, but when a team can combine trick with quick, it has got something special.

That’s what Purdue coach Jeff Brohm and his staff have done with this play. Let’s call it “H motion right, reverse shovel.” There’s a good chance the Ohio State defense will see it or something similar Saturday night.

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Hybrid back Rondale Moore makes it go. Just ask Illinois defenders, who last week had a chance to nail Moore on this play. A couple of defensive linemen sniffed out the trickiness but were beaten by his quickness for a touchdown. Once he slipped past them, there was no one left to stop him after the backside defenders were caught in the flip-flop.

It starts with quarterback David Blough sending a receiver split left, Moore to the slot left, a tight end flanked left, another receiver wide right and a running back in the backfield. What makes this tricky to decipher is the possibilities presented before and after the snap.

Moore comes in motion from left to right, passing between Blough and the center, before reversing field. If the defense is in man-to-man, it will be obvious — a defensive back will try to mirror Moore.

After the snap, the options are obvious for Blough. In this case he faked a handoff to the running back, looked as if to throw a pass to one of the wideouts, then flipped forward a short shovel pass to Moore headed full speed back to the left.

Two Illinois defensive linemen had a shot at Moore, but his quickness helped him avoid them. Blocks on the edge and defensive congestion cleared the rest of his path.


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