Twins right, inside zone

Tim May

There was a time last season when, like today, the Ohio State running game was feeling a bit down. The remedy was a basic one.

The Buckeyes lined up and ran it down Michigan State’s throat.

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They might try to get back on track with a similar ploy next week against Nebraska. But against Michigan State, they launched Mike Weber right up through the middle on this play — let’s call it “twins right, inside zone.”

The “twins” were a couple of receivers flanked side by side to the right. But they were just window dressing, just like the receiver split left, ornaments the defense had to spread out to cover, thus softening the core. The Buckeyes took advantage by attacking the middle, and on this play, things broke just right.

The defensive tackle lined up in the A gap to left of the center (Billy Price, now with the Cincinnati Bengals). The DT fired out across the center’s face to pressure the A gap to the right. He was met with a double-team block by Price and right guard Demetrius Knox (returning starter) while Weber was receiving a running-start handoff from then-quarterback J.T. Barrett.

Weber’s aiming point was to the left side of the center. When Price came off the double-team block and climbed to the second level to take on the middle linebacker, all Weber had to do was make a little wiggle and he was in the clear on a 47-yard touchdown run.

Ohio State fans have seen this play work this season, but for several of the opponents. The Buckeyes might want tune it up again to jump-start their running game.


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