Ohio State football | Joey Bosa said brother Nick made right decision to leave Ohio State

Bill Rabinowitz
Ohio State Buckeyes defensive end Nick Bosa (97) watches from the bench during the 4th quarter of their game against TCU Horned Frogs at AT&T Stadium at Arlington, Texas on September 15, 2018. Bosa left the game in the 3rd quarter and didn't return. [Kyle Robertson]

Joey Bosa said on Monday that his brother, Nick, made the correct decision in deciding to rehab from his injury instead of attempting to play again for Ohio State. 

Bosa, a Pro Bowl defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers, has been sidelined all season because of a foot injury. Nick has joined him in California while he rehabs from core-muscle surgery after an injury sustained Sept. 15 against TCU.

“Getting back healthy from his injury is eight weeks,” Joey Bosa told media covering the Chargers. “Yeah, maybe if he was in an office job somewhere, it would be OK to go back and sit in an office chair. To play football, it is a huge progression from coming back from a groin injury that has two big incisions. It would be the stupidest thing ever for him to come back and risk tearing it again.”

Bosa said the decision was a family one, and it was unanimous.

“You have to understand that it is a business and he has to take care of himself (and) do what’s smart for him,” he said. “If anyone had the opportunity to hit the lottery tomorrow, would anyone risk that? He has that opportunity.”

Nick Bosa’s surgery has done little to hurt his draft stock. Some have projected him to be the first pick of the 2019 draft. His injury is considered one that he won’t risk reinjuring as long as he follows rehab protocol.

Several players the last couple years have opted not to play in their team’s bowl game to protect their draft stock. Ohio State’s Denzel Ward decided not to play in the Cotton Bowl a year ago.

“There is a difference between high draft stock and No. 1 pick in the draft,” Joey Bosa said. “If it was something else, like a broken finger, maybe (he could return). But a groin injury after eight weeks and probably not play until the playoffs against an Alabama, it just blows my mind that anyone thinks it is a good idea.”

Bosa said that the brothers watched Ohio State’s loss to Purdue together, with predictable displeasure.

“He is bummed,” Joey Bosa said. “He wishes more than anything he could be there, but from a logical point of view, it is the right decision.”

Bosa said that Nick is training at a facility in Newport Beach. The brothers will later train in Florida, he added.

“We’re best friends, kind of both going through similar situations at the same time,” Joey said. “He’s in a tough position with the amount of pressure he is getting from everyone. He is dealing with it unbelievably. He is keeping his head down and getting his groin back healthy. Having him around has been great.”


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