Ohio State-Nebraska | Rob Oller’s Second Thoughts

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Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver K.J. Hill Jr. (14) attempts to recover a fumble in the first half of their game at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio on November 3, 2018. [ Brooke LaValley / Dispatch ]

• I can be the get-off-my-lawn guy when it comes to Ohio State’s alternate uniforms, but when your traditional uniform is as iconic as the Buckeyes’, is it worth muddying the classic look just to appease recruits (which OSU coaches and officials like to say is the main reason for doing it)? Sorry, but the black unis with red letters does not scream, “Scarlet and Gray.” More like “Ball State.” And is it just me or did the blackout look seem worse because the Buckeyes struggled? I think so. Harrumph.

• Can someone explain to me the definition of targeting? Leading with the helmet? Launching into a defenseless player? Binge shopping at Target? Every targeting call — or noncall — lives by its own rules. Ohio State safety Jordan Fuller got tossed when officials ruled he targeted Nebraska tight end Kurt Rafdal. Then Huskers cornerback Dicaprio Bootle, who deserves a spot on the all-name team, escaped a targeting ejection when he collided with Johnnie Dixon, because Dixon had “become a runner.” I’m all for safety, but we are to the point where too many tackles are being investigated for premeditated mayhem.

• Good things happen to good people. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, too. Sometimes, both at the same time. You have to be happy for Ohio State safety Brendon White, who replaced Fuller and finished with 13 tackles. “A dream come true,” said White, son of former Ohio State defensive back William White, who is fighting ALS. Even as Brendon was making tackles, a video of William appeared on the scoreboard thanking fans for their support in his fight against the terminal disease. “I got emotional about it,” Brendon said. “He’s always positive about it. He believes God has the disease under control.”

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