Ohio State-Northwestern | Shelley Meyer says she has no inkling of Urban's coaching future

Bill Rabinowitz

INDIANAPOLIS — Shelley Meyer said she knows no more about her husband’s coaching future than anyone else does.

What she does know is that she will savor Ohio State’s 45-24 victory over Northwestern in the Big Ten championship game after a season filled with some peaks and many valleys.

“This is another wonderful victory for our team, which has been doubted all season,” Shelley Meyer said on the Lucas Oil Stadium field while the Buckeyes celebrated around her. “We’re just so happy to win another Big Ten championship. They did it. There was so much doubt, and they did it.”

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After last week’s 62-39 victory over Michigan, Shelley and Urban Meyer shared an emotional embrace near the Ohio State locker room.

“I know we have to beat The Team Up North,” she said. “We have to. That’s what they expect. And when we did in that fashion, it was like this huge release of emotion. There’s been a lot of emotion in the last four months.”

That’s an understatement. Urban Meyer missed all of training camp after he was placed on paid administrative leave and then unpaid suspension for his handling of the Zach Smith matter. He didn’t coach Ohio State’s first three games.

Then came his admission that the arachnoid cyst that first plagued him about 20 years ago had gotten worse and were causing severe headaches. There has been much speculation about Meyer’s coaching future. A report Friday claimed that Meyer planned to step down after next season.

Urban Meyer declined to comment on that Friday, but he reiterated in his postgame news conference that he intends to continue coaching.

“I plan on coaching and enjoying this championship,” he said.

Shelley was more noncommittal about her husband’s coaching future.

“I can’t say anything about that, because I don’t know,” she said.

Asked if she was worried about his health issues, she replied, “I love my husband, obviously. Of course, I always worry about him. He’s always been very intense as long as I’ve known him. I know no other Urban Meyer.

“He’s feeling really good right now. Winning cures a lot of things. All I can say is he’s been feeling pretty good the last few weeks after getting all the headaches under control. We’re feeling really good today, really good today.”

She then flashed her fingers, many of which had rings on them.

“I’m going to get another ring — a pinkie ring,” she said. “We love this team so much. They’ve rallied and rallied and rallied and played their hearts out. We’re going to enjoy this win.”


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