Ohio State adds jersey patch commemorating 150 years of college football

Joey Kaufman
Safety Jordan Fuller wears a jersey with the patch commemorating the 150th anniversary of college football. [Joshua A. Bickel]

Ohio State’s football uniforms will have a minor tweak this season.

The jerseys will be stitched with a patch to represent the 150th anniversary of college football. It is fashioned above the Big Ten logo on their chest.

The patch is silver with the 150 numeral and a football.

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Historians point to Rutgers’ 6-4 win over Princeton on Nov. 6, 1869, as the first college football game.

Other teams across the country are to wear the anniversary patch on their uniforms this season.

The patch originated from the College Football 150th Anniversary, a nonprofit formed to plan various initiatives and events in recognition of the sport’s anniversary.


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