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Ohio State defensive end Chase Young brings down Indiana running back Cole Gest during the first quarter. [Adam Cairns/Dispatch]

The game at hand

Short-attention-span synopsis: Ohio State plays well on its first Fields trip. Dobbins and Young — a pair of deuces who give OSU a winning hand. Another long day in Blue-mington. Hoosiers know this Led Zep song: Dazed and Contused.

Pregame buzz: For a team that has exactly two wins in 58 tries against Ohio State since the first year of the Hayes administration — Woody’s, not Rutherford B.’s — Indiana has at times given the Buckeyes fits. The Hoosiers have only three bowl appearances since 1993, but they were gum stuck to Urban Meyer’s shoe. With Ryan Day now wearing the sheriff’s badge and the team hitting the road for the first time, anything seemed possible.

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Worth the trip? Well, that depends. The trip actually stinks — drive to Indianapolis, turn left, expect delays — but the lack of, um, passion for Indiana football generally means tickets closer than nosebleed sections are available. So it was for the Ohio State fans who made their way over. This time, however, the surprise lack of competition made it feel like a spring game, and the crowd size reflected that hunch.

Spread the wealth? The oddsmakers’ respect for the Buckeyes grew like a weed from week 2 to 3, when they went from a 15½-point favorite at home against Cincinnati to a 17½-point road heavy at Indiana. That OSU covered so thoroughly a second straight week leads one to believe that the spread will be enormous next week against Miami University. But how high is too high?

Let’s be real: It’s time for some truth in advertising for Ohio State’s sterling junior defensive end. So, henceforth, he shall be known as Seek and Destroy Young. It would be one thing if his game were merely about the Chase.

• This week in vanity plates: I (OWN) U

The View

• How the team sees it: We can get better, absolutely. Not sure how, but if the coaches say it, then it must be true.

How the pollsters will see it: Yes, but did you get a look at what Notre Dame did to New Mexico?

How Buckeye Nation sees it: Go ahead and put the entire SEC ahead of us. It’s not like there can be four SEC teams in the playoff … can there?

Hey, what Day did say?

What he said: “Again, it’s only three games into the season. We’ve got to keep building on this because teams are going to adjust.”

What it means: “I keep telling you guys that we’re not just going to be able to get the best candy every week. And then every week we still end up with all the Reese’s cups.”

They said it

Your turn/the channel: You love Gus Johnson, you love him not. Yes Gus, No Gus. Red Gus, Blue Gus. That’s the way it goes with Fox’s lead-dog college football announcer, who made more friends and frien-emies with another blowout Buckeyes game to describe. He received some high marks from Twitter teachers by trolling OSU for its failed copyright chases, then took demerits for his shameless plugging of fast-food staples such as Burger King Whoppers and Wendy’s spicy nuggets. Two questions: Does the man not eat before he goes on air? And does he really not eat any better than this?

Pep rally: Tom Allen’s pregame speech to his Hoosiers, captured by Fox cameras, was a rousing address to his underdog team, if perhaps bordering on a bit too intense. But the message was great: He fomented his troops with talk about “our 11 vs. their 11” and added, excitedly, “We will not blink.” In the end, however, the old adage remained true: Everyone blinks, when struck with a hammer.

Numbers for dummies

374: Yards rushing gained by Ohio State’s J.K. Dobbins in two career games in Bloomington

Plus-73: OSU’s first-half scoring margin in three games (86-13)

1.74: Average yards per rush by Ohio State opponents this season (98 attempts, 171 yards)

31: Tackles for loss in three games for the Buckeyes

12: Wins for Indiana all-time against Ohio State, which leads the series 76-12-5

On tap

Ohio State’s nonconference schedule, such as it is, comes to a merciful end with a home game against Miami University. The Buckeyes’ three-game slate of Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati and Miami marks the first time OSU has not played an opponent from a “major” conference since the poll era of college football began, in 1936. Or, as they say in the Southeastern Conference, “Hell yeah, son. That’s how you get it done.”


Best responses to the game on Twitter:

@GennX: I’d like JK dobbins in my NFL fantasy linup this week please

@iKENTYRION: Chase Young > the Bosa Bros

@fakeJohnTorts: So can this Olave kid skate?

@ALRichmond10: Easily my favorite thing about the #Buckeyes is how hard major role players go on special teams.

@jleegill: by the way I’m officially allowed to type THE all I want

@Sean4Heisman1: So what’s the date for the CFB Playoff this year??

@Pray4Pax: There were more people at Indiana game who knew the words to Carmen Ohio than there were people that know what a Hoosier is

Horseshoe haiku

Gold pants for Hoosiers?

Why not? Buckeyes kick their butts

One cheek at a time

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