On this date in Ohio State football: Nov. 13, 1943

Ray Stein
Many fans left Ohio Stadium believing the game had ended in a tie before the teams were called back onto the field minutes later because of a penalty on the final play. Given one last chance, Ohio State kicked a field goal for the win. [File photo]

Taking a look back at a game Ohio State played on this date:

Ohio State 29, Illinois 26

Setup: Ohio State's 1942 national title was a distant memory by November 1943, the "Baby Bucks" having been decimated by call-ups to World War II. OSU's roster of 44 players included only five from the '42 team and none weighing even 200 pounds. The Buckeyes were 2-5 entering their home finale against Illinois.

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Stars: John Stungis, a 17-year-old freshman who was three years removed from playing saxophone for the marching band in Powhatan Point, Ohio, kicked the winning field goal on the final play. Ernie Parks scored on three short TD runs.

Turning point: OSU was driving for the win late in the game, but Bobby McQuade's last-second pass to the end zone grazed off Parks' fingertips, seemingly ending the game with the score tied at 26 and sending fans home. But wait a minute — the Illini were offsides. Nine minutes later, the teams returned to the field (and some fans to the stands), and Stungis was called on to attempt the first field goal of his career. He made it, and earned a ride off the field on his teammates' shoulders.

Impact: The Buckeyes lost 45-7 the following week at Michigan and soon lost their talented young coach. Paul Brown was granted a Navy commission, and in the spring of 1944 reported to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, where he coached for two seasons before forming the Cleveland Browns.

Quotable: "I've seen everything now! It was a strange game. I just marveled at the things that happened out there." — Brown