Ray Stein: Love the Buckeyes or hate them, COVID is no laughing matter

Ray Stein
Buckeye Xtra
Ohio State coach Ryan Day will miss the Buckeyes' game next week at Michigan State – if it is played.

Ray: How ironic and hilarious that Ryan Day tests positive for COVID-19? I read previously that he had been isolating himself from his own family just like some of the other OSU coaches. For a father with young children, I thought that was beyond ridiculous. 

Now with him testing positive, I wonder if he thinks it was still worth isolating himself from his family and going as far as staying in a hotel some nights. 

Mickey Geslak, Galena 

Mickey: Ironic I will give you, but there’s nothing about this virus that is remotely hilarious. In fact, I find it disturbing that institutions of learning would insist on trying to play football during a pandemic. It reeks of greed and arrogance, and it’s wrong. 

Editor: So, after three games against powerhouses Nebraska, Penn State and Rutgers, Justin Fields has the left side of his helmet filled up with Buckeye leaves. Yeeaaa! 

And let me guess, after Indiana, half his right side will be filled up too, even after throwing three picks. This is a tradition I wish Ohio State would just scrap. 

But that’s not the reason I’m writing. Marcus Hooker: worst safety I have ever seen play the game of football. I want jobs lost, starting with him, Sevyn Banks, Greg Mattison and Kerry Coombs. I want Urban Meyer back. 

Jack Boyer, Gahanna 

Jack: Why not just go all-in and fire Luke Fickell, too, since he used to coach this defense? Yeah, it’s been a while. And what about Cooper? Silver Bullets my eye. Or Nick Saban, who once was fired for lousy coaching of DBs at Ohio State? 

Ray: Indiana had an offensive pass interference call against Ohio State last week that resulted in a 15-yard penalty. I thought that call (known as the worst penalty in football) would also result in a loss of down. 

Instead, they were given first-and-25 and gained a first down four plays later. Then they went on to score. I contend the officials goofed. An immediate explanation from Siri confirmed loss of down. Who is right? 

Max Starner, Grove City 

Max: Siri told you it was a loss of down? Did Alexa back her up? Next time, ask them to check Rule 7, Section 3, Article 8 of the NCAA rulebook, which is clear on OPI: 15 yards and replay the down. 

Editor: What happened to you being a tough grader (Bottom Line, Monday)? Two leaves stars for the worst pass defense ever – 500 yds? And coaching: two leaves for refusing to run the ball in the fourth quarter to put the game away, no short pass game to counter the constant blitzes? 

And I just saw your grade for special teams-not so special: Zero leaves from me. You left out the fumble at the 20-yard line that almost cost us the game. My opinion going forward is to let the darn ball go in the end zone or fair catch it. We are pathetic in the kickoff return game. 

Mick Newman, Columbus 

Mick: For one thing, two leaves is not a passing grade; it’s literally 40%. For another thing, I try to factor the Buckeyes’ level of competition. But I’ll be damned if I remember an OSU fumble on a kickoff return. Did I nod off?