Ohio State men's basketball | Mark Titus bringing 'One Shining Podcast' tour to Columbus

Adam Jardy
Former Ohio State walk-on basketball player Mark Titus, 2010. (Will Shilling/Alive)

It started as an idea to generate excitement for the upcoming college basketball season. Now it’s grown into an actual tour that kicks off Friday night at the Funny Bone here in Columbus.

“One Shining Podcast,” the college basketball podcast co-hosted by former Ohio State walk-on Mark Titus and Tate Frazier, will bring a blend of their usual banter alongside unique insights into all four cities on the tour to a show that Titus told the Dispatch he hopes will be an interactive event. Plus, Buckeyes fans can look forward to hearing from coach Chris Holtmann and former player Greg Oden.

“We’re going to have guests,” he said. “The Columbus show, Greg’s coming and coach Holtmann’s coming. We’re going to have them on to talk about whatever’s going on. It’s still going to be a podcast undeniably. You can only do so much with the format.

“It’s basically just a big celebration of college basketball and that’s about it. We’re going to drive the show because that’s what we do, but it’s not just Tate and I talking to each other and people watching us talk.”

The initial idea for the show centered on the annual Champions Classic, which this year will take place in Indianapolis and pit Michigan State against Kansas and then Duke against Kentucky during the evening of Nov. 6. A native of the Indiana area, Titus said the initial plan was to cover the event and do the live show from there.

That idea then morphed into a mini tour. After Friday’s show, the podcast will be at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday and the Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana, before culminating at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago on Nov. 7. To buy tickets to the Columbus show, click here for more information.

Ironically absent: Indianapolis.

“I was like, ‘If we’re making it a tour we have to go to Columbus,’ ” said Titus, who is now a Columbus resident. “Those were the two non-negotiables, Columbus and Indianapolis, and weirdly enough we’re not in Indianapolis anymore. The Indianapolis show got moved to Bloomington somehow. I’m not really sure how that happened.”

Titus said Holtmann was surprisingly on board with being part of the show.

“He agreed to it because I’m a former player,” Titus said. “He’s like, I’ll do anything, you’re a former player, you’ve been good to me since I got here. I’m in.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, you don’t even know what it is yet.’ He’s like, ‘It doesn’t matter. I trust you.’ I’m like, ‘All right, well, that’s a mistake.'"

Fans at Friday’s show can expect to see some video components featuring both Holtmann and Oden with some good-natured ribbing.

“We already have queued up the video of me hugging Greg at the Tennessee game (in the 2007 NCAA Tournament) and I’m going to have him break it down, what happened,” Titus said. “We’re going to break down the Justin Cage foul against Xavier and whether it was a flagrant. I’m going to try to pull some Butler clips of Holtmann and the (Andrew) Dakich shot against Michigan State for Holtmann to break down for us.”

The goal throughout, be it in Columbus or Louisville or anywhere else on the tour, is to generate excitement for the upcoming season and get a chance to actually meet the people who comprise Titus and Tate’s listening and reading audience. Titus said he’s not even sure how the money from the shows will be split up and that it’s irrelevant to his overall goals. If it goes well, a similar March tour is being discussed in ACC country.

“We like to be out there seeing faces and meeting people,” he said. “You can tell me however many people listen to the pod or however many people follow me on Twitter or whatever else, but it’s just a number that exists in the ether. For me, I like seeing those people and hearing their stories and build that connection that the work I’m doing resonates with someone is pretty cool.”